MarkWHO42 – episode 208 – MarkWHO42 Pays the Price

AKA “The Price of Horror”

MarkWHO42 talks with Victoria Price, the daughter of the late, great Vincent Price!

MarkWHO42 talks with Victoria Price, the daughter of the late, great Vincent Price!

Join the MarkWHO42 team as they interview Victoria Price, the daughter of the late great king of Horror Vincent Price! They talk all about herself and her upcoming book “The Way of Being Lost, A Road Trip To My Truest Self“, her work as a designer, her work on HGTV, and her dad’s career from the true horror of Poe, their love of art, cooking, schlock films, Batman, a certain music video he did with Michael Jackson, and a whole lot more!

Plus all the latest MarkWHO42 news including George Romero’s daughter (see, a family show), the last 6 episodes of Star Wars Rebels, and even the return of Crocodile Dundee… and you thought all we did was talk about Doctor Who 24/7… well Mark does, but we won’t put him down for that. He’s cool!

MarkWHO42! A show that even the villain Egghead can listen to!!!

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Originally a native New Yorker but transplanted to South Florida and living here for more than 4/5 of my life, I am a Geek and proud. I sang opera professionally as a child, and then spent more years than I care to remember collecting comic books and Doctor Who memorabilia. Now I sell Doctor Who books online at Amazon and at conventions in Florida. I decided to use my vocal abilities recently as the co-host of markwho42's WHOniverse, a podcast about all things Doctor Who!

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