Mega Ran & MC Lars Tour Florida This Week: Orlando, Tampa, & More

This week, nerdcore hip hop legends Mega Ran and MC Lars tour through Florida, hitting up Tampa, Orlando, and Gainesville on their way to Austin for SxSW. If you haven’t heard these guys before, they do hip hop in a way much different than what you hear on the radio or at the downtown nightclub. What they do is creative, fun, and something we nerds can definitely get down with.

Don’t believe me? Check out this music video from Mega Ran, titled Infinite Lives:

And then there is this song from MC Lars, titled Dragon Blood:

Of course, if you have heard them, you know you got to come out and see them. Here’s the lineup of their Florida shows.

March 9th – Tampa at Crowbar (Tickets)
March 10th – Orlando at BackBooth (Tickets)
March 11th – Gainesville at High Dive (Tickets)

And here’s one more jam, from both Mega Ran and MC Lars, titled Nerdcore Died,  a response to a very controversial statement Lars made years ago. The song is still relevant today, so check this out too and see them this week.

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