Megacon 2015

Hello all, and once again welcome to another one of my con reports as always. This time we cover the big one in Central Florida: Megacon 2015. This year, Megacon moved back to its original location in the West Building inside the Orange County Convention Center, using Halls A and B after the bit of confusion that followed last year’s location in the North Building. The lines were more organized and this time you were on the ground floor if you either had to purchase, or purchased advance tickets online, and there were two different lines for each. You also went upstairs to the 3rd floor as compared to last years setup, which was the complete opposite, which was you went down to the ground floor for the show itself.

This year’s media guests ranged from previous guests, such as Lou Ferigno (Incredible Hulk, Hercules), to cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty (making a return visit- cosplayed as M. Bison (SFII) Sat, and Meg (Family guy) Sun), to Stan Lee. They also had new media guests ranging from Summer Glau (Firefly; Terminator Chronicles), to Norman Reedus (Walking Dead). For Comic book guests, they had the perennial George Perez as always, as well as fan favs Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Bob Layton, and Ethan Van Sciver. The new guests this year were Alvin Lee, Ed McGuiness, and Lee Weeks to name a few, as well as Zenescope Comics with a booth on hand.

Friday wasnt all that eventful for yours truly because as always day 1 is shop til you run out of money for me, and also scope out the con for where the signings will be taking place, for both media and comic guests. I had a great chance to walk around that day and look at what was sold, from dvds, to comics, to toys, to even anime products. Saturday, day 2, was more packed, but was more fun for me because not only did I get to see Hulk Hogan Sat. night in a special event (details here on that event:) that he was hosting, but also saw some great costumes as well. I also saw an amusing sight as a booth that was set up by a dealer that had a cage that one could sit in to win prizes if they stayed in it for 30 min. Sunday, day 3, I just mostly walked the show and said hello to some of my cosplay and artist friends at their booths, given I didnt get much signed this time at the show like I usually do, but my highlight was getting a pro pic w/Hulk Hogan and Jimmy ‘Mouth of The South’ Hart, and having it signed by both of them later on.

Overall, Megacon was a blast, and I can’t wait to see what will happen for next year, given this was the last year that Megacon was on its own. Next year, for 2016, it will be hosted by the new owners: Fan Expo from Canada, and it will be a great show, given their successful track con record w/other shows they’ve run like NYCC. Til next con, this is JDOC saying see ya at a future con and lets get pics together.

Comments welcome about this and all my other articles as always.

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