Mighty Marvel Geeks 159: Is There A Pay The Bills Gem?

The Intrepid Trio reports to you again with all of the Marvel news that you can use!! But first, Mike quizzes Eric and Kylan in a round of Marvel Family Feud…do they det all of the answers this time? From there, Mike kicks off the news segment with a piece about the preliminary reviews for the upcoming Netflix series Iron Fist. There’s plenty of fodder for the Trio get into on this one. Do you agree?  Kylan the segues from talking about the series to the prominent role Iron Fist has played in all of the Marvel games. And, in light of Power Man and Iron Fist ending, marvel is spinning Danny Rand off into his own series Iron Fist on March 22nd. Mike follows up with an interesting article that ranks the top 15 Marvel video games. Did any of yours make this list? The Show then moves into the cinematic universe with the first pictured from Thor: Ragnarok. Thor, Hela, and The Grandmaster are all present, but we’re all waiting to see Hulk! This pics are impressive!! Eric then Wraps up the news segment with an article about the upcoming Darth Vader series. We all love a good Vader story. But then, Eric asked the intereweb for Star Wars/Marvel mashups that we’d all like to see. I think that if we got at least a quarter of what was suggested that we would all be in for some great reading! From there, the trio goes to the comic shop for their POW(Picks Of the Week).




Deadpool the Duck #5

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! (2015-) #16

Gwenpool, The Unbelievable (2016-) Vol. 2: Head of Modok TP

The Mighty Thor (2015-) #17

Monsters Unleashed (2017) #5 (of 5)

Excalibur Epic Collection: Sword Is Drawn TP

U.S.Avengers #4

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #5

The Punisher #10
Marvel Unlimited

Drax the Destroyer Vol 1 #1 (2005)


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