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While we’re on the subject of birdlike superheroes, it has come to my attention that Disney is in the works of remaking their forgotten hero Condorman. Oh who is Condorman? You ask. Well Condorman was Disney’s 1981 venture in to the world of superheroes.

The story behind Condorman is that he is a starving comic book artist who ends up in Paris and haphazardly falls into some top secret government going ons between America and Russia. In the mean time, he keeps eluding the KGB and taking out their best assassins, not because he means too, mostly because he’s an idiot who just happens to survive.

So the big guys at the KGB get wind of Condorman and think he is some really good US spy/assassin and they send out all of their best after him, who show up in James Bond like Porsche’s with weapons, and other cool stuff. The thing is that Woody Wilkins/Condorman has now gotten backup from the US government since he is in so deep and has a friend in the American government, so with the money of the USA behind him he gives them the blueprints for all the cool Condorman gadgets and they make them for him.

Condorman is a poor mans Batman, with a little Johnny English and Disney fun thrown in. The original 1981 movie was more spy based where the remake is supposed to be more action based, rumor is that Robert Pattinson will be playing the role of Woody Wilkins/Condorman and that Disney plans on keeping the original script ideas.

Lastly their is rumor that when or if the movie comes out, Disney will be including Condorman in the new Marvel Movie Universe, which means that Condorman will officially be a Marvel character and a part of the Marvel Universe, so we can expect to see this character in comics joining other bird type heroes such as The Falcon, Nighthawk, Angel, Blackwing, and Red Raven, and I’m sure we’ll get a toyline.

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