Thor: The Dark World DVD and Blu-ray Short, “All Hail the King”, Presumed to be about Loki!


The short film titled “All Hail the King” that will be included in the Thor: The Dark World DVD and Blu-Ray is most likely going to be about Loki!   This is certainly not a surprise. Especially being on Tumblr, I know the extent of Loki’s fan base. A Loki movie has been in demand since the Avengers (and probably before that, too). Frankly, if the short isn’t about Loki, Marvel will be disappointing a lot of fans.

There are lots of questions associated with this short. MTV brings up one of the most prominent:

“The big wrinkle in the Loki short film theory, however, is this: how does Ben Kingsley fit in? Just a few months ago, the “Iron Man 3” actor confirmed his participation in an upcoming Marvel project. Shouldn’t he be more at the center of “All Hail the King,” then? How would he fit into a Loki-centric vision?”

Ah well, I guess we’re all just going to have to wait. Huh. I’m going to need to buy a new blu-ray player…




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