Images of the Silver Samurai In Wolverine 2

Now that Iron Man 3 has been released and settled the needs of the fanboys and fangirls for the moment, here are a few images which are floating around the net from Wolverine 2. I wasn’t too keen on the first Wolverine film as I felt it lacked plenty, really how many time does Wolverine have to fight Sabretooth? I think we get it already. This goes the same for Batman and the Joker and Superman and Lex Luthor, at least for me. I’m just over the repetitive and cliche superhero battles amongst the same old bad guys, so when I saw that the Silver Samurai is  in Wolverine 2, it gave me hope.

Now what I’m trying to figure out is this, in these images the Silver Samurai looks to be a bit mech like, okay seriously I love robots, really I fucking love robots! I collect robots, grew up watching Super Robot anime, if it has a chest beam,  can shoot it’s fists off and has a giant sword, I’m there! So at the moment I am sort of in between on how I feel about the look of the Silver Samurai, I mean do I want to see a cool looking mecha samurai robot, or do I stick to being the knit picking comic book purist in hopes of Kenuichio Harada wearing this robotic looking samurai outfit?

So I’m a bit lost on this, but here is my first theory. If their is to be a Kenuichio Harada character in this film, he will most likely not be the Silver Samurai, but some sort of scientist who created the mech and has some beef with Wolverine, which will mean that most likely we’ll see an army of Silver Samurai’s, we may only see Logan fight against one, but we will probably have a scene that shows a bay with an army of Samurai’s ready to go in to battle.

My second theory is this, if it is Kenuichio Harada; then maybe during the time of whatever issues he had with Wolverine, he did happen to build the one Silver Samurai costume or mech, for revenge or he knew at some point he’d see Logan again. Whatever it may be, and so maybe we will actually get to see him in the costume, but if it is to be this, I think it more likely that Kenuichio Harada would be sitting within the Silver Samurai costume piloting it, a-la Mazinger Z, Gundam or if you want to reel this theory back in to the more of the Marvel Universe, I will even go as far as my favorite Alpha Flight character, Box. Lastly I’m in hopes that with the Silver Samurai in this movie, that maybe, just maybe we’ll be introduced to Shiro Yoshida at some point, after all FOX does own the rights to the X-Men films, if it’s gonna happen, this may just be the right time and place. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the images yet, they’re right below, so check them out!


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