More Images of the Green Goblin, Rhino and Electro in TASM 2


Sony and Marvel Comics. Why can’t you just give us fans what we want? With all the movie technology that we have today you would think that it would be fairly simple to create a comic book character in to a movie character, but because of bad licensing agreements, Hollywood writers who know absolutely nothing about comic books and I dare say pure laziness in vision on the part of hired directors we as fans end up with awful characters in like what’s coming up in The Amazing Spider-man 2.

How hard would it really be to translate the Green Goblin from a comic book character to a movie character? I guess pretty darn hard now that Hollywood has had three chances.


We want this.


But all we’ve gotten is this..

In TASM2 we’re also getting to see Electro. We want this.


But instead we’re getting this..


..And lastly we’re getting the Rhino. We want this.


But instead we’re getting this.. WTF! Seriously?

Anyway these are the latest images from the upcoming TASM2. I hope the movie is better than these images.


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