The Many Faces of Paul Giamatti as Rhino in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′


Staying up all night and lurking the Internet can sometimes be very beneficial, even if I find something relatively cool to post about at 7am, and then stay awake the rest of the day to find something even cooler.

Earlier this morning I came across the latest images of Paul Giamatti as the Rhino in the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Only one image really shows Paul looking a little more like the Rhino, or maybe Ultimate Rhino, but at least it may clarify that he is not some crazy guy ramming a giant truck in to the buildings of New York City as originally thought, as we can actually see some of what looks like Ultimate Rhino armor.

As much as Disney and Marvel want us to know these movies as the Marvel Movie Universe, I can’t but stop myself from it, as identifiably all the Marvel movies are set in the Marvel Ultimate Universe. With that being said I bring you the many faces of Paul Giamatti as the Rhino.



Credit: Screen Crush


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