“If you are lapped twice, you die. If you step off the path, you die. Race…or die.” As you can see if you watch the Facebook teaser trailer below – you should also LIKE or DIE.

There is a movie that is creating a tremendous buzz right now called THE HUMAN RACE. Its director did the extremely violent documentary The Backyard which screened at The Florida Film Festival quite awhile back – and this one – if what I’ve read holds true – is supposed to be even more daring and extreme. I’m sure it will come our way soon. It looks so good. The leading actor, Eddie McGee, just won best actor at the Mile High Horror Fest in Denver, CO…he’s the leading actor in this action flick and here’s the kicker…he’s only got one leg!

I’ve read if you combined the awesomeness of Battle Royale, the brutality of Saw and the speed of Run Lola Run…you get The Human Race! Can’t wait!

Some reviews:

“Inspirational and wickedly cruel.” – Michael Ryan, Sound On Sight

“The Human Race is a winner through and through…I have never seen a film play out so well in a theatre.” – Bloody Underrated

“Never a dull moment throughout the movie” – Simon Rother, Horror-Movies.Ca

“Paul Hough’s impressive debut literally hits the ground running and never lets up from start to jaw-dropping finish. An extremely effective high concept thriller that delivers geysers of blood and thoughtful meditations on the brutality of human nature in equal measure. Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Eddie McGee, Trista Robinson and T. Arthur Cottam lead an extraordinary ensemble through an adrenaline-pumping 90-minute gauntlet, a dash that leaves its audience as breathless as the onscreen contestants. Dark, bloody and daring, a Hunger Games for the gorehound set.” – Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine

THE HUMAN RACE: horror/sci-fi/action-thriller

In THE HUMAN RACE a group of 80 people are ripped out of their daily lives and all re-appear in an undisclosed location. These people are from all walks of life: young and old, athletic and disabled, white-collared and homeless. The rules to a race boom in their heads, in their own voice and language, laying out what will become a horrific race of terror: “If you are lapped twice, you die. If you step off the path, you die. Race…or die.”

Startling, violent and powerful, THE HUMAN RACE is a cruelly inspired beast. Will anyone have mercy on the elderly, the children, the wounded, or the pregnant? Will anyone band together or will the innocent all be forced to become brutal killers? There’s only one way to find out who will survive…watch humanity unraveled & revealed in The Human Race.

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Upcoming Screenings:

LA Horror Fest
Saturday, October 27th at 6pm
Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, CA

The Valley Film Festival
November 7 – 11
Laemmle NoHo, N. Hollywood, CA

Sci-Fi London
November 9
Stratford East Picturehouse, London, UK

Nantes Utopiales – International Sci-Fi Festival
November 7 – 12
Nantes, France


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