The Liberator


Here is the trailer for Lou Ferrigno’s new superhero movie “The Liberator”. It seems like everyone wants in on the new superhero generation of movies, even the original Incredible Hulk. Honestly this trailer looks god awful, and stars Lou Ferrigno, Don”The Dragon”Wilson, Ed Asner, Michael Dorn, and Peta Wilson. You’d think that with a real star like Ed Asner on the cast that this film could at least afford more than a green screen and some cheap CGI effects. I’m guessing we’ll find out when the movie comes out, maybe they can start a Kickstarter page to gain some funding?

“Trailer for the award-winning short film/pilot LIBERATOR, produced by Coverage Ink Films, directed by Aaron Pope. LIBERATOR stars Lou Ferrigno as a disgraced, washed-up ex-superhero attempting to get his life back on the rails. Also stars Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita,) Michael Dorn (Star Trek,) Don “The Dragon” Wilson (Bloodfist) and Ed Asner (Up.) Soon to be a comic book series from Bluewater Comics. Music by Tim Wynn and “Time Bomb” by 9Electric.”



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