Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer #2 (2013)


So as of late I wasn’t too impressed with the last Thor 2 trailer, it just really seemed very bland to me. After watching the newly released trailer I gotta say that I’m a little more at ease with possibilities of this movie. What really raised my eyebrow to this is a short scene with one of the Kronan, which tells me that maybe in Thor 2 we’ll meet other alien races that inhabit the Marvel Universe, after all Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t too far away. It’s not the GOTG that I grew up with, but whatever, I’ll bitch more about that later.

Anyway if you don’t know about the Kronan, the race is an old enemy to the Asgardians and they first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #83, but as of late were showing up in 2006s Planet Hulk series, most notably in The Incredible Hulk #93 which is right at the cap of when Planet Hulk took off, as in The Incredible Hulk #89 Hulk is tricked into flying into space, but that’s another story for another time or you can just read the series.

Okay, so what I’m so impressed about is that maybe Marvel/Disney did think about the fans on this one, after all Planet Hulk was a pretty big series for Marvel and it brought back a few forgotten classic alien races, plus introduced us to some new ones. In any case I think that the resemblance between the comic book version of the Kronan and the movie version is pretty uncanny. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.



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