A Spider-man Cameo In The Avengers Movie: What Are The Odds ?


The latest word in the comic book movie rumor mill is that Spider-Man will be making an appearance in the Avengers movie. I don’t see this happening since licensing is split between two separate companies that hold the intellectual property rights to these characters within the comic book movie world. In my opinion, if there will be a jaw-dropping cameo appearance, it won’t be Spider-Man. But, since we’re thinking about “bug”-themed characters (yeah, yeah, I know that spiders aren’t really insects; just stay with me here), I’m going with Hank Pym. Even though I want to, I’m not going to say “Ant-Man” because I just don’t see Hank coming in as his hero persona, yet. Who do you think we’ll see? Let me know in your comments.


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2 Comments on "A Spider-man Cameo In The Avengers Movie: What Are The Odds ?"

  1. Joel D. Wynkoop March 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    But remeber this is all an alternate reality as far as I am concerned, Spidy uses web shooters too, not genetics.  Although I know in the new one there going back to webshooters in a retelling.  You cannot judge anything on the comic books.  THOR was also Donald Blake and they dropped that.  THE AVENGERS found Cap on ice, Spidey later became an AVENGER.  Yes Spidey crossed paths with the AVENGERS plenty of times.  They should spin it with everyone or some crossing over, I always thought when Johnny Blaze raced up that building he should have stopped on the roof looked over his shoulder and saw Spidey sitting there, “Hey Blaze”  “Hey Spidey”. 

  2. Ricky Felix March 10, 2012 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    I’ve heard/read rumors as well about Spidey’s possible appearance and although I’m skeptical it’s not INCONCEIVABLE! Sorry, I just love being able to say that…anyways a Spidey cameo would be cool but at most I see maybe The Avengers attempting to maybe recruit him and maybe some other heroes but them declining. Which don’t get me wrong that would be a sweet montage and now that I think about it hope that happens! 

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