When I finally watched this film, I was expecting Abar to be a African-American, dressed up as the traditional DC Comics version, complete with cape and a large “A” where Clark Kent’s alter ego’s famous “S” would be. Instead, in this 1977 production, Abar (played by Tobar Mayo) sports more traditional, urban attire: Bald head, bell-bottoms, and denim jacket, which is what most righteous soul-brothers tend to wear. The movie deals with a family, who is black, who moves into an all-white neighborhood, and fall victim to blatantly racist defamation and vandalism. We’re talking NAZI, and KKK type of behavior, here. It must be seen to be believed. I’m surprised the African-American actors didn’t just walk off the set, and call the police! Abar, who heads his own militant gang that are openly anti-Caucasian, tries their best to stop the malicious pale skinned ones, in their tracks. However, the abuse continues. Because of this abuse (including the death of a child), the father of the black family, who is a medical doctor (played very calmly by J. Walter Smith), develops a super-strength serum, a la Captain America, with telekinesis and other powers thrown in. However, the doctor plans to give it to only a worthy candidate. Abar is dying to try it, however  the doctor feels Abar is not a calm, nor rational enough test subject to use it on, due to his violent outbursts and BAD attitude. Despite this, Abar takes it anyway, in desperation, to try to stop whitey’s antics. Abar, now supercharged, is the world’s first black superman, and wreaks havoc among the evil, racist people in their neighborhood. Naturally,the lousy local pigs get their comeuppance. Abar even attacks an “Uncle Tom” who is punished by having to eat worms (???). Expect to hear didactic speeches about how the honky devils are exploiting the black man, and creating the ghettos in America. When watching this film, I looked around to see if any white people were in the room. Whew! Bad acting, horrible dubbing,terrible special effects, and funky lounge tracks, that sound like it they were taken from records found in the public library, make this an atrociously enjoyable cinematic experience. The ending is so bizarre, it defies all logic and rationality, just the way I like it. This film is also known as “In Your Face.” 5 Pentagrams, for sure.


See some footage of Abar, AKA “In Your Face:”



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