Beyond The Door, A Review In Italo-Funk, Or Why You Shouldn’t Have Satan’s Baby

Beyond The Door - Juliet Mills



Beyond The Door is a blatant rip-off of “The Exorcist.” Produced in 1974, this film deals with the central character,Jessica Barrett (played by Juliet Mills), who’s about to have a baby, even though she already has two other kids, a boy and a girl. For some reason, Jessica starts acting rather peculiar, and the family is scratching their heads as to why mom is acting so weird. It turns out, an old flame of Jessica’s, Dimitri (played by Richard Johnson) keeps appearing, indirectly, around the family, all creepy style. The truth is he’s there to “help”Jessica’s birth, in some way. It turns out that the baby is actually the Antichrist! Wait, didn’t Damien, from the Omen, cover this already? No matter. This film still has plenty of Exorcist rip-off material: an evil male voice, a turning head scene that traumatized me as a kid (since I actually saw the film, in the theater, in 1975!), and good old poltergeist action, complete with drawers moving in and out, and stuffed animals walking around the kids’ bedroom! This film, even though being Italian produced, is shot in that glossy, Euro-trash style, we all know and love, on the streets of San Francisco. The soundtrack is laden with cheesy disco-era Italo-funk that would even embarrass your parents. There’s plenty of bad audio synchronization with the actor’s mouth and the English soundtrack. Coupled with a ending that even made me go “WTF??” this is a good, sit-down and “try to figure this out” kind of flick. I give it four out of five pentagrams.


Juliette Mills In Beyond The Door

Juliette Mills In Beyond The Door


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