Concept art for the Batman movie that never was


Here is the concept art for Darren Aronofsky’s Batman movie that never was. In these images we get to see how Darren Aronofsky invisioned the world of Batman, the Batmobile, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon and what may be a grappling gun.

Apparently the story of this movie is this, before Batman Begins and after Batman & Robin. Warner Brothers was working with both Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan, with each of them pushing a script to become a movie, Aronofsky’s was titled Batman: Year One, and Nolan’s of course was Batman Begins.

According to sources, Aronofsky’s Batman movie was going to feature Bruce Wayne as a homeless vigilante who is not a billionaire and is living off the streets of Gotham. Alfred is an African-American mechanic who isn’t called Alfred but instead called Big Al. Also Batman drives a souped up Lincoln Towncar. Bruce Wayne gets the idea of Batman because when he beats up bad guys in Gotham he is wearing a ring on his finger bearing the initials of his father: Thomas Wayne, so the ring reads “TW” and ends up looking like a bat symbol on the foreheads of criminals, and so Batman is born. Aronofsky has said he still wishes to adapt this story into a comic, a movie or both.

The story line sounds like something to come out of Elseworlds, and would seem to defeat original Batman myth and lore, making Bruce Wayne homeless and Alfred an African-American who is a mechanic. What else could have possible been changed? I personally love the look of the concept art, and think that it would have made a great movie, maybe even better than the works of Christopher Nolan.

In either case whether it be comic book or movie, I’d like to see something come out of this in the future. Speaking of the future, how about a Batman Beyond movie? Now that would be something to see. Let us know what you think of this concept art in the comments.

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