The Hunger Games – How The Movie Differs from The Book?



The Hunger Games starring Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence is in theatres already. This movie is based on the first in the trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins. Making a motion picture from a book inevitably induces some change to the entire storyline – characters might be removed, dialogues would get edited and some scenes might also get deleted.
Well, The Hunger Games movie captures the original story to a great extent. But still, there is a great difference between the movie and the original book. Want to know how the movie differs from the book? Take a look…
Some Major Differences between The Hunger Games Movie and Book
Gale Hawthorne, in the book is the best friend of Katniss Everdeen. It shows that these two youths hunt together and share their game. No overt romantic relation is revealed between the two though Katniss evaluates her feel for Gale. While, the movie is changed to third-person narration from first person narration of the book. The film shows a deep relationship between Gale and Katniss. An onscreen romance is developed by the filmmaker!

As the story goes by, many youngsters are seen dying in Hunger Games. The book has prolonged some of these deaths displaying the perseverance of certain characters till their final moment. The book concludes with the survival of Cato for many hours before Katniss relieves him from misery. The movie, on the other hand, has shown these deaths at a much quicker pace. The bonfire girl dies fast after she is being attacked and Cato also suffers only for some moments before his life is ended by Katniss.

In the book, you will find that before Katniss goes for fighting in the games in Capitol, many of her beloved ones visits her. Her sister, mother and Gale all meet Katniss to bid her good-bye. Peeta’s father also visits Katniss and presents her with cookies. This entire is excluded in the film. For most of the readers this might not be any serious issue but these small sequences displays the connection between Katniss and Peeta’s family.

In Hunger Games, Rue is the smallest character. She is made to compete with teenagers older and much stronger than her. The book shows that Katniss and Rue develops an alliance among them during the game. What does the movie? How is it different from the book? The movie showcases a different relation between Katniss and this young competitor, Rue. Katniss protects Rue as she is reminded of her young sister whenever she sees Rue. There is certainly, an alliance between the two but it is more of a sister relation. The empathy of Katniss for Rue is never completely exposed in the movie.

The book is in first-person narration while the movie is in third-person narration. For this reason, some characters fail to catch eye of the readers. However, these characters are prominently featured in the film. For example, the game maker in this story has a limited role so far as the book is concerned while it gets a huge screen time.
Likewise, there are also other distinctions between the movie and the book. Hope you have got an idea. Haven’t you?


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