Top 5 casino scenes in movies


Casino scenes feature in many movies, some good, some bad and some fairly indifferent. Movies also inspired many casino games, for example, on sites like Lucky Nugget you can find many themed slots games. Here are our top 5 picks, so put your feet up and enjoy.

Casino Royale
No list of casino scenes would be complete without at least one example from a James Bond movie, and there are plenty to choose from. Although the poker game in Casino Royale takes some beating, the most iconic scene is the baccarat scent at the start of Dr No when bond introduces himself as Bond, James Bond.

If you have ever tried to count cards at Blackjack, then you are going to envy the success of the card counters depicted in the movie 21. This movie is based on real events and the ups and down of a team of card counters from MIT. There are plenty of great casino scenes, but one of the most entertaining is when they are spotted card counting and escorted out of the casino.

Rain Man
Rain Man is another movie that features card counting, though a less than realistic depiction of it. Here the card counter is Raymond Babbitt, an autistic savant played by Dustin Hoffman. In the casino scene he and his brother Charlie clean up at the blackjack tables.

Mike McDermott (played by Matt Damon) has lost $30,000 to Teddy “KGB” (played by John Malkovich) a Russian mobster. He vows to give up gambling and concentrate on gaining a degree in law. But his friend Worm (played Edward Norton) and recently released from prison needs to repay a huge debt and has five days in which to do so, so the pair join together to raise the cash playing poker. There are several downs and ups, but in the end Mike again plays heads up with KGB. This time he wins big. Encouraged by this he quits law school and sets off to Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker. The best scene is the final showdown where he sees through KGB’s tell.

Fatal Attraction
If you like Demi Moore then you will certainly like the casino scene where she is throwing the dice at the craps table. She wins of course but the money on the table belongs to Robert Redford with whom she has to sleep in order to get hold of it.


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