The Ghost Of Ghostbusters 3

Back in the 1990’s there was a vibrant buzz just under the surface of geek news, especially for those who were fans of the original two films. The buzz was around Dan Aykroyd penning a new script called Ghostbusters: Hellbent. Thank the maker that this wasn’t something that went beyond studio exec’s desks, or we’d have a “Crystal Skull” on our hands.

Decades pass and through the years there have been spikes of information amid alluring details about getting directors together as well as getting some writers from the television show “The Office” to help get the story on the right track. However much like other geekdom wet dreams this has been one of those “will be shooting next fall” kind of things, when fall comes around you see another rumor post that says “script issues, the shooting will happen next spring.”

Now that we’ve gotten into the 21st century and all the actors from the original movies are all too fat and old to be anywhere close to being relevant Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis are making their epic push to have the movie start production. There’s only one problem, and those of you who even have passing knowledge of this sorted tale already know what the problem is…Mr.Bill Murray. Murray has said on several occasions that he did not want to be a part of another GB movie, and even went on to belittle the sequel to the original saying that it relied too much on special effects and not enough on story and character development. Boy that’s a switch, someone saying a movie from the 1980’s relied too much on special effects, if only they knew things like Avatar would be on the horizon.

So….Murray comes out in 2010 and says he’d be willing to do the movie if they let him die and just be a ghost. Pretty much every fan says “Fuck you Murray” but much like the hot girl that says she’ll have sex with you if you don’t tell anyone, we were all willing to go along with it just to get another movie. So more and more people from the cast sign on, scripts go through the process, and now it seems that Murray has decided to stop taking phone calls from those related to the budding movie, and even went on to shred the latest copy of the script and send it to Aykroyd in a box with a note saying “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

Truthfully, Bill is right on some level that these actors (himself included) are past their prime and should limit themselves to the cameo roles they have been limiting themselves to for the last ten years. However I think the urge for this movie will push it into production with Murray or not. You know I found myself thinking about how Murray wasn’t the first pick for the Venkman role, everyone knows it was John Belushi, then it was thought that Chevy Chase might fit the role, and eventually they used Bill. I’m thinking I’d like to see Chevy come back as a quirky scientist and fill the void of Bill. Give the old Griswold monster a much needed resurrection.


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