The Slender Man Movie

Being from the St. Louis area, I’m am very proud to support fellow Webster University student AJ Meadows and his crew as they are in the final days of editing of the first full length Slender Man movie.  Funded through Kickstarter, Meadows and the crew had money to make this myth a living nightmare. This will be a film that will be sure to make you want a nightlight.

If you know who the Slender Man is, you know he is nicely dressed and you know you want to avoid him at all cost.  The best way to do this according to director AJ Meadows, is to simply not think about him, “The less you think about him the less chance you have of running into him.”  So do not go looking or pop in and say hello to this, well he’s not a man, but he is the Slender Man.  A creature who lurks around in the trees in the woods, shadows of trees on playgrounds, darkness of houses, he certainly hangs out by trees and shadows often.  Flashlights are good, but no matter, if he shows up, you are “kinda screwed.”  When asked what the Slender Man does in his spare time, Meadows said, “I’d like to think he plays video games, reads comics.” We agreed that it can’t be true because, “Abducting kids is a full time job.”  and is probably into a bit more, “Darker stuff, like Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and torture porn.”

What a lovely fellow, I can’t wait to meet him on screen, till then I’ll see him in my nightmares.  I wish best of luck to AJ Meadows and his crew.  Give them your support, share the news, watch the the film, ask for a sequel.  Or a prequel, the origin of the Slender Man, what made him so slender.  I talked with Meadows on possibilities.  Was he the kid in the lunchroom who was always staring at you in silence.  You always wandered what he was thinking, but then again maybe you did not want to know.  Sitting there, thinking, plotting.  A reason you should never bully, even if they are very, very pale and slender.  Now, go watch the trailer, then maybe take a camping trip.  Tell me how it goes.


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While acquiring a BA in Media Communications, I had the good fortune to take a few amazing Superhero and Comic Book courses. I also started a Zombie Awareness and Survival club, so students from diverse majors could survive the school year together.

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    Can’t wait! 🙂

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