You Shut Your F*#cking Mouth When You’re Talking to Me!

Shut up, little man!
Okay, audiophiles, a little off the fringe but I thought I’d bring some of you suburban geeks out there a taste of reality with “Shut Up Little Man.” I watched a documentary on this and listened to a feature on public radio a while back. The focus of the documentary was an apartment with rowdy occupants who refused to just get along. Think “The Odd Couple,” but less charming and with WAY more explicit material. The only reason anyone knows about these goons is because they were so loud that the young guys living next to them began to record them using a mic taped to a ski pole that they held outside their neighbor’s window.

The recordings take place in the late 1980’s and are the basis for a documentary, a play, a Devo song, several comics, and a C.D. of  said recordings. I got a chance to sit down and listen to the album “Shut Up little Man,” and can say without a thread of doubt that it was by far one of the most interesting sessions of audio I’ve had the chance to hear. If you’ve ever driven by a trailer park or an excessively seedy apartment and wondered about how the occupants live their lives, this is your magic window.

Bonus note: if you want a fun listen for Halloween, look up Raymond’s rant “Someday I Will Kill You.”



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Born in the waste lands of central Florida and raised in a Post Dark Knight Returns but Pre Dark Knight Strikes again America, Russ Wiggins wasted his youth with horror movies, comics and pornography.

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Russ met the moderator of Florida Geek scene Scott Schlazer when he was still a teenage punk coming into Scott’s comic book shop “Planet X” on Friday nights to make fun of the freaks and ne’er do wells that frequented the store.

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