Marc With a C’s “Shock Treatment (Interpretations)” to see a first time vinyl release!

After years of gentle fan requests, Marc With a C’s interpretations of songs from the film Shock Treatment (the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show) is finally coming to vinyl! This is being done as a tie-in with Arrow Video bringing the film to blu-ray. A Shock Treatment fan pitched a few of Marc’s slow, lo-fi covers as bonus material for the re-release, and the rest is (almost) history.

Some background: Marc With a C is a lo-fi DIY musician that has been making music that some consider entertaining since 1999. These Shock Treatment covers are some of his earliest work, having been recorded between 1999-2005 on a wobbly four-track cassette machine to stave off the pitfalls of depressive bouts. They were not initially intended for release, but after some fans inquired about the track he’d been closing his shows with, (“Duel Duet“), Marc allowed them to be heard. Much like the film itself, these charmingly “off” renditions, complete with flubbed lyrics and missed notes, gained their own cult following.

While Marc is also promoting his latest releases (the Unicorns Get More Bacon LP and the Half Serious, Half Kidding EP – both of which went to #1 on Bandcamp’s pop charts for vinyl), he’s excited to revisit his Shock Treatment fandom, to offer a special limited release to anyone who cares to listen, and to talk about it with anyone that’ll hear him out; meaning he’s available for interviews, if you’d like.

Every dollar spent by fans on this LP goes into acquisition of rights as well as having the vinyl pressed. It’s Marc’s hope that the album will be in the hands of listeners by November. It can be obtained at until 250 copies are sold!



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