Nerd Music Releases: April 2016 Edition

Welcome to the April edition of Nerd Music Releases! What a month it has been. Orlando Overdrive has come and gone and it was an incredible experience with Orlando’s best and nerdiest live at BackBooth. From start to finish, everything about the show was awesome. I may be biased though. But seriously, thank you to all who came out to take things to the next level. If you weren’t there, you truly missed out. But there is always next year!

Within this month’s releases, there were some hidden gems from some acts that we should all keep our eyes on, including the composer of KUNG FURY making video game music. But first, let’s bring in a familiar face.


Last month, Nintendo unleashed Miitomo upon the west as a punishment to those who bought an XBone or a PS4 when they should have gotten a WiiU instead. They sure showed us! I have a few hundred unanswered friend requests so I think it might be successful. But to drive that point home, here comes Dj Cutman to do what he does best: remix music of popular games and gamethings while the hype is at its peak. Am I wrong?

Anyways, following up on what he did with WiiU Grooves, Cutman has released chill remixes of the music from Miitomo, titled Miitomo Grooves. He mixes in hip hop beats, world drums, and 808s and has even designed the album to be endlessly loop-able. Now you have music that you can play while you drop your friends down a pit to win clothing and accessories.


Earlier this month, the Boston-based chip punk group (T-T)b toured central Florida to promote their latest album, Good Talk. If you like ANAMANAGUCHI, you will hear some similar melodies in here. (T-T)b uses NES-styled chiptunes for tones that are both somber and dramatic while backing it up with live instruments and muffled vocals for an overall upbeat experience.


Perhaps what will go down as the greatest random discovery of 2016, Kung Fury composer Mitch Murder makes freaking concept soundtracks for fictional Sega Genesis games, and they are freakin’ awesome! This month, he released soundtracks for the non-existent masterpieces Mech Hunter and Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age. Just listening to these albums make me want to play the games. Mech Hunter’s music reminds me of Shadowrun on the Genesis, and that’s always a good thing.


Another release that I ended up liking a lot was a Nintendocore compilation dedicated to 80s hits. You can tell Nintendocore Goes 80s is a chiptune album just by seeing the absurd amounts of magenta and cyan on the album art. There must be some law in chiptune that if at least 60% of your album art are not those two colors, then the bit police will come to your house to arrest you and throw you in chipjail, where a man in a kilt who insists on being called “Hoodie” smacks you in the face repeatedly with a modified, backlit Game Boy brick until you bleed monochrome.

What were we talking about again? Oh yes, the 80s done in the style of NES. This release feature chip covers of Billy Idol, Paula Abdul, Ozzy Osborne, Guns N Roses, and freakin’ Europe! Sadly, this album was made and released before the untimely passing of Prince, but it’s only a matter of time before endless amounts of Prince tribute albums start to pour in.


Just dropping a couple days ago was a brand-new album from Tampa nerdcore artist and producer, Philonious Phunk. Playing off his name and the defunct video game retail store is PhunkoLand, and gamer-centric album featuring a large cast of guest nerdcore emcees like Twill Distilled, Alpha Riff, and Tekforce, backed by video game hip hop remixes produced by Philonious Phunk himself. Phil raps on a couple of the tracks, including a song with his mates in SPF, which I believe stands for Schwarzeneggar Phoenix Force. They keep asking me to book them. It’s up to you guys!

There were even more releases in April. Make sure you check them out and let me know what you think!

Arcade High – Kingdom
Big Giant Circles – Journey of 1000 Stars
Disasterpiece – Hyper Light Drifter
DjjD – Divergence
GameChops – VGM NXC 001
Jollimus – Hol’ Up!
Lex Lingo – Most High
K-Murdock – Soundscapes Vol. 2
Paladin Shield – Road to Alchemy
Shadynasty – $hadynasty is dead
Warlord – Pokey Nights
Zircon – Demon Truck Orginal Soundtrack


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