Nerd Music Releases – March 2016

Welcome to the end of March, a month where way too much good nerd music came out. It’s not fair; I don’t have enough free time to hear all the things. But hopefully you do and check out what March brought us!


It’s Wrestlemania week, the best time of the year to be a pro wrestling fan. Video game-centric rapper and longtime wrestling fan Mega Ran timed his latest album release for such a moment. I have secretly waited for quite some time for Mega Ran to do an album like MatMania, and I am glad he did.

MatMania takes subtle samples(so WWE doesn’t sure him) from his favorite wrestlers’ theme songs and mashes them up with vintage Mega Ran lyrical stylings. Featured are hip hop tributes to Brock Lesnar, Macho Man, The New Day, Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, and even Mr. McMahon. I was incredibly impressed with his ability to lace in Chris Jericho’s “trash bag ho” insult into verse.

I hope around this time next year, he’s unveiling MatMania II in Orlando. There is more to be done.


I have been waiting for the queen of nerdcore to release another album and finally it’s out. If you are not familiar with Sammus, she’s an incredibly talented rapper from upstate New York who can bounce back and forth between video game raps for Metroid and Castlevania to serious social and personal issues that would affect a geeky black woman who doesn’t want to be caught up in stereotypes.

Sammus’ latest album Infusion is as powerful as it is personal. It’s an attack on the expectations placed on her by society. It’s letting you know that she’s going to do what she wants and not give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks. It’s intelligent, empowering, and you need to listen to it now.


The one man chiptune rock band that is Danimal Cannon has another exciting album. Lunaria features Game Boy chiptunes with some intricate melodies and Dan’s signature guitar riffs that give the genre of chiptunes some serious bite.

There are high energy chiptunes and then some pieces that get pretty heavy. There’s a feeling of epicness that flows through this album and you can tell Danimal gave it his all when producing this.


Inverse Phase, the former head of MAGFest, also brought it hard on the chiptunes front, this time utilizing the sound power of the Sega Genesis. Biteration I: Genesis of Consequence uses the Genesis sound chip in new and interesting ways to sound like something besides Sonic and other Sega classics.

One of the advantages of the Genesis sound chip is that it has good bass compared to a Game Boy and there is a little more to work with, which Inverse Phase takes full advantage of. There also plans to put this album on a cartridge that will work on a Genesis or Megadrive console, so look forward to that.


Acoustic pop rocker and local favorite Marc with a C released his latest album, Unicorns Get More Bacon with much fanfare earlier this month. There’s some fun songs like The Ballad of Dick Steel, the tale of a local personality whose legend is growing, and some songs that are a bit more somber. Regardless of which direction Unicorns Get More Bacon goes in, it’s always thoughtful and witty experience through the eyes and mind of Marc with a C.


Out of nowhere, former Random Encounter accordionist Careless released a collection of live recordings from the first ten years of the band’s existence.

(?E) The First Ten Years features dozens of songs that Central Florida’s video game band with accordion have performed at the likes of Nerdapalooza, Metrocon, MAGFest, Orlando Nerd Fest, and Careless’ farewell show.  Random Encounter is a very fun band to see live, and now you can hear the experience.

Those were some powerful releases, but there was even more in March. Like I said before, it was a packed month. Make sure you show these releases some love tell me what you think!

8-Bit Mullet – Electro-Funk Mega Mash
A_Rival – Headbangers
Dj Roborob – A Few Songs EP
Doctor Robotic – Experimentations
Galaxy Wolf – Detonating Star Systems
Jake “virt” Kaufman – Supreme League of Patriots OST
Madder Red – Red17
Masikus – [after hours]
Mykah – Overwrite Future
NESMETAL – Dead Lights and Dark Towers
Stemage – Narrowland
Ultraklystron – HOURS FREE


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