Second Annual You Are Doomed Fest Starts Cinco De Mayo


It’s that time again. Last year when I had first began booking shows some people in the Orlando community especially co-organizer for You Are Doomed Fest: Ninety Proof Pemberton. There was a call to have our fledgling southern sludge and/or doom metal scene for Florida unite to improve the inexplicably stoned motifs between isolated pockets of fans between Miami, Saint Petersburg, Gainesville, and otherwise. And as such, YAD was born during the Easter weekend of 2011 when Pemberton and I teamed up to organize the affair. This year though, things are much more diverse. With the inclusion of bands like The Hackish, Legions, Dissident Aggressor, Primary Colors and Devalued we’ve added hasty black, thrash and down beat metal elements into the mixture. YAD fest is no longer just for the sluggish.

I feel a tad pretentious writing much more about a festival I helped organize, so below you’ll find a collection of quotes to depict each band if you, the reader, are unfamiliar.  I wanted to thank all of the individuals that helped make this coming weekend possible, because I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Will’s Pub and the help of our music community.  Feel free to browse the buffet below, and click here to find out more info on the Facebook page.

Saturday is a $10 cover, Sunday is a $8 cover, but if you’d like you can purchase a two day pass at the door for only $15!

And now, let’s take a look at the billing shall we (click band pictures or names to hear their music!):

SATURDAY (Cinco De Doom)

LEGIONS (Orlando Black Metal)

“rather than putting on the theatrics with corpse paint, inverted crosses and goat heads (like some of their past shows), Legions decided to let their music speak for itself. In plain clothing they took the stage with ferocity, passion and headbanging that no black metal theatrics could ever replace. In unison, they began with their backs to the audience as they powered through a doom-metal-esque intro. The power of the rumbling bass and cracking of drummer Ashiq Ricker’s sticks with every beat was a vibrant beginning, as it quickly led into a hyper tempo of tremolo picking and continual blast beats. It was a macho man’s metal, to be sure, but that didn’t keep the female crowd from joining the guys at the front with just as much fist pumping, hair twirling, and devil’s horns.” – (

HOLLOW LEG (Jacksonville Sludge Metal)

“This [quartet] from Jacksonville, FL constructs a full sound of heavy guitar and thick terrifyingly vocals that prescribe the listener to heavy doses of head-banging, alcohol and grass. Seems too simple for doom a reviewer to say that…. But this music is an instant classic mix of stoner and metal doom.” – (The Soda Shop)

FIRE IN THE CAVE (Orlando Blackened Metal)

“By “cave,” they must mean “ear hole,” because I had to book it to the bathroom only seconds into their irrationally loud set for toilet paper to stuff my ears. With the shock now managed and sense returning to my thoughts, I stepped back into the room and marveled at how sonically tangible they still were. It is seriously a horizontal avalanche of sound gunning for the back of your skull. Their titanic cliffs of riffs swing between triumphantly piercing the sky and straight up blow-torching your hide off. It’s doom that’s grand, black and staggeringly visceral. They may be new, but they’re coming with supreme and possibly dangerous sonic ambitions. For them, it’s victory and annihilation or bust.” – (Bao Le Huu /via The Orlando Weekly)

HOLLY HUNT (Miami Drone feat Betty from FLOOR)

“The group’s take on droning dirge-rock is stripped down to its bare essence — there’s Perry’s downtuned, circular, chugging guitar, and Monteavaro’s rapid-fire, just-loose-enough drumming. Live, their sound is raw but overpowering, and Perry and Monteavaro serve as perfect performance foils. She unabashedly grins, appearing  during each performance to have the time of her life. Meanwhile he usually looks to be deeply concentrating, brows furrowed, eyes on his complicated pedal board or his towering stack of amplifiers.” – (Arielle Castillo /via Broward West Palm Beach New Times)

DEMONS (Orlando Doom Metal)

“Demons are another newer doom metal band in the Orlando area who will be making an appearance at the festival. They have a knack for guttural vocals and painstakingly paced tempos. And with those deep tones (displayed in their song “Help Me Spirits”), the only thing you can really do is whip your hair around” (

THE HACKISH (North Port Death Metal)

– Female fronted death metal obsessed grindcore trio. Don’t blink, you might miss a song.

INFINITE EARTHS (Orlando Progressive Metal)

– Progressive Metal trio with a complete disregard for mundane time signatures and an appreciation for ambient harmonizing.


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