The Best Horror Mixtape Ever

It’s been almost a year since I returned from my trip to Amsterdam. Aside from going to museums, various shops and café’s and trekking through The Netherlands’s scenic (and flat) countryside I found a decent amount of underground music there. Most of it took place at the Occii, a squat turned venue and community center. It was there I found out about one of the cooler things around: Red Light Radio.

Operating out of a former prostitution booth in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Red Light Radio broadcasts music from all spectrums of the musical world. I’ve heard some mediocre shows and some great ones but it’s the idea that I really love—a community oriented radio station appropriating vacant real estate for art. It’s like Orlando’s WPRK 91.5 or Miami’s WVUM 90.5 but not attached to a university and running out of a former sex room.

One show in particular, Rege Satanas, always entertains. Sometimes it’s doom, other times it’s experimental but it’s always interesting. In March Rege Satanas broadcasted an entire episode devoted to horror and science fiction soundtracks, taking the tracks and blending them together with samples, trailers and more for a sound collage that’s a little eerie and entirely enjoyable. Unlike the glut of DJ mixes creeping around the internet this episode of Rege Satanas wasn’t assembled in a bedroom somewhere but broadcasted live, relying on the unpredictability of live radio. Featuring music from The Beyond, Gremlins, Videodrome, Cannibal Holocaust and a litany of other horror and science fiction films, ‘Horror-Sci Fi ellende’ is a great mix tape without the tape, one of those great mixes for driving down dark roads late at night or walking through slightly sinister subway tunnels at two in the morning.

Click here to preview/download ‘Horror-Sci Fi ellende’

Click here for more information about Red Light Radio


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