Those Rock Songs That Everybody Knows

Those Rock Songs That Everybody Knows

Rock and roll is filled with those songs – you know the ones, those songs that everybody knows the words to whether they’re a fan or not. Those songs that are so catchy you can’t stop singing them for a week after you’ve heard them on the radio. You might claim to find those songs annoying, but you love them just as much as the rest of us do, really. You’re just too cool to admit it.

Fortunately, rock and roll isn’t about embodying somebody else’s idea of cool – it’s about creating your own. The next time Aerosmith’s Walk This Way or AC/DC’s Back In Black appears on your television screen or your radio, don’t be afraid to let it all hang out. Who cares if it’s not cool to know all of the words? If you’re feeling it and you’re rocking out – don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not cool. If you don’t know the words to these five epic rock songs, you must have been living on another planet check them out now on the Lick Library.

Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer

Never mind living on another planet, it’s all about living on a prayer. That’s right – this might not be the hippest rock and roll track around right now, but it was a beast back when it was released back in 1986. You can protest all you like – everybody knows the words to this one, absolutely everybody. Altogether now ‘Woaaaah, we’re halfway there. Woaaaaah, living on a prayer.’

Guns & Roses – Welcome To The Jungle

American music magazine Blender called Welcome To The Jungle the greatest song ever written about Los Angeles. It is a great song about a great city. Everybody knows the words even if they don’t like Guns & Roses and everybody seems able to appreciate the primal, animalistic nature of the track. This monster rock track perfectly describes the madness of living in a big city.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

If there was an award for most overplayed rock song, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit would probably be the worthy winner. It’s a shame because it’s a truly excellent rock and roll song with fantastic lyrics and a monster riff. This song has been played so many times on so many radio and television stations, that even people who don’t like Nirvana know all of the words. Last year, it was voted number six in NME magazine’s Songs Of A Lifetime countdown.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Friendships have been forged and broken over this song. Most people would seriously consider not getting to know a person if they admitted to not liking this track. It’s the most pompous, the most outrageous, the most mind-alteringly mental rock song ever created, says the Daily Mail. It’s still hard to see how Queen ever got away with releasing such madness, never mind releasing such madness and seeing it become one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge

This funky, but rather depressing ode to dark, dank bridges and the awful things that go on beneath them, catapulted Red Hot Chili Peppers into the mainstream. It is a truly superb track – one that’s got a lot of heart and a lot of soul but one that you can dance to as well. It’s also happens to be a great karaoke song.


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