Torche At Will’s Pub


Torche is playing Will’s Pub on Saturday May 12th, 2012.

Parafora and Lil’ Indies presents:
When: Saturday May 12, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm
Where: Will’s Pub
1042 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL, 32803
Price: $10.00 – $12.00

The four-pronged Floridian Riff Colossus has steamrolled his way across the international underground. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks (formerly of doom dropouts Floor) and featuring the talents of drummer Rick Smith, bassist Jonathan Nuñez and guitarist Juan Montoya, Torche unfurled their self-titled debut in 2005 via Richmond, Virginia’s Robotic Empire. The glorious half-hour of blissed-out power-grooves, triumphant vocal harmonies and cosmic resonance was hailed as “stoner pop,” “thunder rock,” and “doom pop,” but a consensus was quickly reached within the Fourth Estate: both the underground and mainstream press had their hands halfway down their pants just thinking about listening to Torche. The band was immediately lauded as giants among men, leaders among sheep, and powerbrokers of a deadly new sonic idiom founded upon Brooks’ signature “bomb-string” detonation-detune. As Decibel magazine so righteously pointed out in May of 2005, Torche “carries on in the dizzying Sabbathian tradition of Floor, only potentially more bottomless and epic.” Seven months later, the same publication would declare Torche the #7 album of the year in its annual top 40.


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