Nerd Music Releases: June 2017 Edition

Nerd Music Releases is back to help you with your 4th of July party needs! Need some good music to go along with your barbecues, pool parties, and fireworks? The month of June will help you out with that with many great releases, including a whopper orchestral release that we’ll get into. June was a massive step above May, which didn’t really have a whole lot to get excited about. But enough of that, let’s get ready to party!

Distant Worlds – Distant Worlds IV: more music from FINAL FANTASY

This was a great surprise. I’ve known about the Distant Worlds concerts for years, but I did not know that there were albums to go along with them! For those unfamiliar, Distant Worlds is a touring orchestral concert that plays music from the Final Fantasy video game series, which features some of the greatest video game music ever.

This fourth album, features almost a little bit of everything from the classics to the newer Final Fantasy games, with my favorites being Battle with the Four Fiends and Main Theme of Final Fantasy V. Overall, it’s a phenomenal album, and I believe that it is time to see this concert live.

Marc with a C – Half Serious, Half Kidding

Here in Orlando, Marc with a C is cornerstone in nerd music, and he has over 20 albums to back it up. This new solo EP, Half Serious, Half Kidding, is a continuation of the ideas of his previous album, Unicorns Get More Bacon, and a prelude to his next full album. (That Marc traveled to Canada to record recently.)

Marc with a C’s music is retro lo-fi poppy indie rock with with lyrical content that are blunt and witty observations of life that we want to ignore, but can’t. The final song, This Meeting is Bullshit, struck an emotional cord with because I have lived it in the past. (Except for the part about Pintrest.)

Robotprins – Friend Force

It has been a while since I have been as excited for a chiptune album as I have been for Robotprins’ Friend ForceHailing from Sendai, Japan, Robotprins has collaborated with several friends to make a four-track EP that is very easy to listen and sounds incredibly polished and voluminous. What separates from other chiptune EDM releases, is that it doesn’t just rely on 8-bit sounds for music. It’s integrated in with other electronic instruments and the timing of effect and change in melody are done so well it never feels stale.

Skyblew x SublimeCloud – Destined: The [R]Evolution

Skyblew has been on his way up for a while, with very soulful hip hop that treads on the nerdy side. Recently, he announced that he will be working with top North American anime distributor FUNinmation to have his music used in their projects. That’s a big step forward for SkyBlew and to celebrate, he has released his latest album, another collaboration with SublimeCloud titled Destined: The [R]Evolution.

That album is aptly named, as Skyblew is contantly improving with every release. SkyBlew started out just doing video game raps, which is a very competitive niche. The evolution to do more personal, original hiphop with jazz influence, while still embracing his nerdy roots has taken Skyblew to a new level as a performer. If you haven’t had the chance to check Skyblew out, this is a pretty good place to start as it’s his best album yet.

There was even more music in June, including a slew of chiptune releases as always. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments!

Alex Roe – Chrono Crisis Vol. 2
DELTANOYZ – Blankmind
Heavy Viper – JET BUSTER Original Soundtrack
Iron Curtain – Unio Et Divisio
Lunatic Coffee Machine – SCISSORS FOR REALITY
Mega Flare – DSP Act 1: Sunshine Simulation
Natbird – In Flight
OverClocked Remix – Speeding Towards Adventures: 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog
Oxygen Star – Enjoy the Weather
Remute – Classics, of course.
Roboctopus – Your Heart is a Pie Chart
Super Robotic Encounters – End

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