Nerd Music Releases: May 2016 Edition

Welcome to the May edition of Nerd Music Releases! I hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. If you were at MegaCon, we hope you had a great time. For a massive, geeky entertainment convention, it really seemed to be lacking something. What could it be?

Oh! Live music! All over the country, and especially in MegaCon’s host city of Orlando, there are tons of talented musicians that can play amazing shows for fans of comic books, anime, science fiction, fantasy, video games, and everything else celebrated this past weekend at the Orange County Convention Center. A missed opportunity for sure. Let’s hope MegaCon fixes this next year. I know a guy who can put together awesome nerd music concerts.

We’ll get to May’s releases real quick, but before that, our good friend Mega Ran has been on tour and last week his car was broken into and his clothes, his Playstation 4, and his Nintendo Famicom that he uses for shows was stolen. Such heinous villainy, indeed. Luckily, everything can be replaced and YOU can help Mega Ran out by heading to his music website and buying an album or seven. I highly recommend RNDM, Mega Ran Japan Tour, River City Random, Mega Ran in Language Arts, Black Materia, The Call: 8-Bit, and of course Forever Famicom as those seven! Get on that!

Alright, now it’s time for some new music. The month of May, was indeed a month that nerd music came out. Nothing stood out to me as far as recommendations go, but hopefully you guys dig some of the stuff that just came out. Enjoy!

Battle of the Bits – BotB’s Decadent Decade
Big Papa X – Beat the Boss
BleepLove – Chip Break in The Clouds
Byzanite – Citadel of Chaos
GameGate – Fantastique Romantique
Gizmo – Attack of Negatron
Gors –  Angel Maid and LIMITLESS
Knasibas – Whoop
Maia Koenig – Vidagame
OverClocked Records – Mega Man Battle Network Legacy: Resonant Transmissions
OverClocked Records – Spring Break DJ Set
Phill Harmonix – WuCraft
Slime Girls – tapioca OST
Sterlyng Powell – Erasodes the EP
Tobokegao – Picnic
Ultraklystron – Misanthropomorphic Widescreen
Zalenka – Zalenkafragilisticexpialidocious the Z.P.

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Kent Ward was created from the combination of anime, classic videogames, and pro wrestling. His obsession with crazy cartoons from Japan led to the founding of Propeller Anime, a prominent anime club in Orlando, FL. Kent also runs Ongaku Overdrive, a music festival dedicated to all sorts of music inspired by anime, video games, and all things geeky. You can follow him on twitter @FistoftheMFK.

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