Nerd Music Releases: November 2017 Edition

Welcome to the November edition of Nerd Music Releases! I hope you all had a great time to rest and catch up on your favorite things to do in life. And of course eat lots of good food!

This feature has been going strong every month, for two years on Florida Geek Scene. Thank you all for the love and support. Nerd music fosters a lot of creativity and positive vibes, and we hope these articles have inspired you to check out more nerdy jams. I’ll continue to do this feature until they tell me to stop. But until then, let’s enjoy some more great tunes together.

Tiny Waves
Sonic Mania Remixed

Tiny Waves has another sick compilation album, hot off the heels of the Sonic Mania game. Sonic Mania Remixed is of course dance remixes of the music from the game. That’s definitely some great source material to remix, and did a great job putting it together.

If you haven’t played Sonic Mania, it has high definition versions many of the very iconic stages from the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, with a lot of fresh takes and new twists. So many of your favorite Sonic jams will be remixed on here. Familiar faces to Tiny Waves like Ben Briggs, Roborob, Arthur x medic, dj-Jo, and James Landino are on here, as well as other great producers like VGR and A_Rival.

I can’t get over how great this compilation turned out. It’s hard to mess up remixing Sonic music, but every track sounds so fun and every producer did a fantastic job of making each song their own, but at the same time making sure the album still flows like a complete work. It’s safe to say that this is the best Tiny Waves release yet.

Schaffer the Darklord, Shael Riley, and The Double Ice Backfire
Hold Person

Schaffer the Darklord has teamed up chiprock duo Double Ice Backfire (which features OverClocked Remix alumni Shael Riley as a member) on the album Hold Person. If you are longtime fan of STD, then this will sound very different than anything else he has done.

There isn’t too much Schaffer the Darklord songs with chiptune/NES sounds, so if you are curious about how that would sound, then this is going to be something you want to check out. Shael also sings on this as well, which adds another layer of depth to the album.

Hold Person sounds like a fun, cheerful album if you aren’t paying too much attention to the lyrics – and the 8-bit sounds emphasize that perception – but as you listen to it more, you can hear that the lyrics have have some of the dark, depressing, and cynical undertones that Schaffer the Darklord has become known for.

Alive In Screen

I met young nelward at Anime Weekend Atlanta this past September at the OCRemix panel. We even sat together at A New World: Final Fantasy Concert that closed out the tremendous convention weekend.  Other than that, nelward is an up-and-coming EDM/chiptune producer and occasional video game remixer and his latest album Alive in Screen features some very groovy jams that combine chiptune with vocals, guitar, and other instruments.

It’s hard to describe Alive in Screen. Even though there is chiptune used, it’s not a the typical chiptune album. Some songs have a very experimental feel to it and others even sound tropical. The lyrics are also way out there, as I’m still trying to figure out what the songs are about. It’s a weird album for sure but it’s catchy and warm too.

8-Bit Jazz Heroes
Press Start

The latest release from OverClocked Records is 8-Bit Jazz Heroes debut album Press Start. By the name of the group, you can tell that this duo does jazz renditions of video game music. Press Start plays it safe with jazz lounge takes on popular Nintendo themes from the Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid games.

Most people think of Super Soul Bros when video game jazz comes to mind, but 8-Bit Jazz Heroes takes a different approach with less bombastic sound and something that is more laid back. The arrangements are great, and a fantastic entry for these two talented musicians.


Sci-Fried has spent nearly a decade reppin’ the Orlando nerd music community and has become known as the Heralds of Geek Rock. They’ve had a couple since their previous album, but that looks to have been good news as their sixth album, Hyperspaced, is their most polished and accessible album yet.

Hyperspaced is filled with some hard-rockin jams with the kind of humor that even that most casual of nerds can appreciate, which fun songs like Holodeck Love, Autocorrect, and Save the Maiden, a song depicts Super Mario as a stalker. They also have some great tributes to Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and Hearthstone.

Sci-Fried has a classic rock sound that you don’t hear much these days, and but with the addition of the former Captain Dan and the return of Sunni Simmons, the band has been able to try some new things that you haven’t heard in prior Sci-Fried releases and it makes for their best album yet.

November had even more fun releases. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

A Beautiful Mess – A Beautiful Mess
Blue Navi – Cafe Zone
Chris Porter – YOMOTSU
Console Killer – Return from Hell
Graz – Monolith
Joel Kent – Octorok: The Zelda Metal EP
Kry.exe – Planetary Serialization
Materia Collective – Future Dance Land: An Electronic Tribute to Diddy kong Racing
Mikal kHill – things are looking up
Monodeer –
scythe – ????
Trevor Alan Gomes – Piano Collections: Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow
Tri Angles – DESTINY
Vim – Evening Products

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