Nerd Music Releases – October 2016 Edition

Welcome to a spooky edition of Nerd Music Releases! The month of October was STACKED, with more notable releases this past month than any other in 2016. Some of nerd music’s best released new albums, plus there are SEVEN Halloween-themed albums that I know of that also came out. Holy cow. There’s plenty of new music to keep us busy for a while.

Oh, and I started a new podcast, interviewing nerd music’s best and brightest! Did you hear the debut episode with Mega Ran? It’s definitely worth checking out.

October was also notable because nerdcore became a huge discussion point in entertainment news, thanks(?) to Alex Trebek mentioning it on Jeopardy to contestant and nerdcore fan Susan Cole. Trebek’s dry humor insinuating that either nerds are losers or nerdcore is for losers got people riled up, but it helped out huge. Nerdcore got a much-needed shot in the arm, plus Mega Ran, MC Lars, and mc chris have been having sellouts right and left on their current tour. And then the who’s who of nerdcore got together for a nice friendly nerdcore roast for Mr. Trebek.

Hopefully this gets more people excited by nerdcore and nerd music in general. There’s a lot of great music in our community. Speaking of that…

Super Soul Bros – Stritch’s Brew

One of my favorite bands of the year so far, Super Soul Bros, releases a tremendous live album, Stritch’s Brew. It’s high-energy, jazzy big band renditions of sweet video game jams. It’s impressive to hear how polished this album sounds. If you ever get the chance to see Super Soul Bros live, you should make it top priority; these guys are always a blast at concerts. This release features their versions of music from Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthbound, Undertale, Super Mario 64, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Oh, and can you believe they showed some anime love with a stellar cover of the Baccano! opening? Too sweet.

Sammus – Pieces in Space

Can we start talking about how Sammus is the best rapper of 2016? Earlier this year, she released Infusion, which pulled no punches on what it’s like to be a black woman in geek culture, but Pieces in Space goes straight for the jugular. Her delivery of each and every lyric is filled with power and passion, as she picks apart subjects of sex, online misogyny, black womanhood, and embracing the weird.  Fantastic jazzy instrumentals back up her Excalibur-sharp wit as Sammus gives you a nerdcore hip hop album that will have people thinking and talking for quite some time.

Ayoshutduff – Chip Zone

Shout outs to ChipWIN prez Hoodie for sending this fantastic album my way. Ayoshutduff, who is brothers with fellow chipartist/remixer Masikus released his first full album, CHIP ZONE. CHIP ZONE sounds like a fantastic soundtrack for a sci-fi SNES game that never came out. This album is chiptune with an outerspace focus and it will be your soundtrack to play in your shuttle once space travel becomes viable and affordable for the public. These jams are elegant grooves that you can lounge out to and sound fresher that most of the chiptune-centric releases of this year. CHIP ZONE was a pleasant surprise on every level.

1-Up Creative Mind Frame – Nerdcore Emulation Station 3

One of my favorite people in nerdcore, 1-Up Creative Mind Frame, has been busy this year and big things are coming his way. He just dropped Nerdcore Emulation Station 3, thus completing his intergalactic gaming adventure from console world to console world to find himself, with a little help from his nerdcore friends. NES 3 is all about the Sega Dreamcast, with hip hop tributes to both Sonic Adventures, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Virtual On, and Soul Calibur. No love for Seaman though. I see how it is 1-Up! NES 3 is a fun and upbeat story that develops through the duration of the album, and I enjoyed the collaborations involved. However, I really want to see more of 1-Up’s strength as a solo artist in the future with less team-ups and more individual efforts.

Professor Shyguy – One Byte Lie

The man who calls himself as “the poor nerd’s Justin Timberlake” is back with a new take on his former life. Apparently, Professor Shyguy was in a band called the Aeronauts. He missed those songs and made them into his style of chip-pop rock n’ roll that only he can do. One Byte Lie is a throwback of sorts Shyguy’s music pre-Fragmentation, but for those new to Shyguy, he has some killer pipes. I have been waiting for Professor Shyguy to explode in popularity for a few years now and it’s baffling that he has remained relatively underground. Shyguy is incredibly talented and his ascension in the music world is long overdue.

Halloween… everywhere! (Thanks Hoodie for the collage!)

Because nerds love Halloween to the point that it’s a month-long holiday for most, tons of musicians got together for a bunch of different compilation albums themed for the scariest holiday of the year.

If you like hard-hitting video game rock, Viking Guitar Productions has Danse Macabre VNintendocore Lives released Undead, which features chiptune, video game covers, and lots of screaming. GameChops’ Halloween EP goes for a more danceable take on Halloween-themed VGM jams. Chiptunes=WIN released HalloWIN, which obviously is for the chiptune fans, but Masikus and the Tracked netlabel did the same with Fright Club. Some nerdcore folk also got together for the seventh annual Nerdcore Halloween compilation, which I did not know was a thing until recently. Halloween may be over, but we can still party hard!

Can you believe even MORE nerd music came out in October? Check out some of these album releases below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Ardamus – After I Replace You
Crying – Beyond the Fleeting Gates
DJ RoboRob – RoboRob and Friends EP Volume 1
Hypnogram – Eye
Infinity Shred – Long Distance
Jamatar – Journeys
Kadeshflow – We Are The Faithful
Popskyy – Press Start
Primordial Emcee – X-Faction 2: Reanimated
RichaadEB // Ace Waters – Determination: The Purple Side
RushJet1 – Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulation Soundtrack
Seagull Chainsaw – 271016
Tiny Waves – KirbEP (Kirby Tribute Album)
Tori-kun – Sugar Nipple
WillRock – Journey to the Centre of the World
xyce – xyce vs. genesis
YoshiBlade – Candy Corn

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