Batweek at FGS Gets Swinging with Batman #2




Batman #2 (23 pgs/digital, $2.99 digital; DC Comics)

Scott Snyder (Writer), Greg Capullo (Pencils and Cover) Jim Lee (alternate cover)

Well it’s officially Batweek here at FGS and we are going to kick off our Bat coverage with Batman #2. Look for reviews of Batman Arkham City and the Toys ‘R Us exclusive, Classic Batman Arkham City figure later this week. Now on to the review.

So for starters, I know where DC hid all the action stolen from Batman & Robin #2; on page 2 of this stellar follow up to Batman #1. Seriously, Snyder and Capullo pack so much action into this quick story, they had to add three extra pages. And unlike Justice League #2, they didn’t charge us for it. When your story begins with your main character being thrown out of a window of the once-tallest building in Gotham, you know you’re going to have to tighten your utility belt because you’re in for a wild ride. How wild of a ride? How about Batman taking people out of a helicopter whilst riding a motorcycle on top of a train? And that’s just the beginning. Sure there’s a bit about clearing Nightwing’s name after last issues’ cliffhanger, a digital autopsy and Bruce writing checks but after that dullardry is over, the book ends as intense as it begins. And yes, Snyder and Capullo leave us hanging once again but isn’t that what good teams do best? Leave us ready to drop another three bucks for the rest of the story. And that’s right where I am. It’s easy to see why Snyder and Capullo’s Batman is the premiere Bat title in the new 52 line up. So see you next week. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.



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