Comic Book Pull List Review, Batman & Robin #2


Batman & Robin #2, Cover art by Patrick Gleason.

Batman & Robin #2 (20 pgs./digital; $2.99 digital; DC Comics)

Peter J. Tomasi (Writer), Patrick Gleason (Pencils and Cover)

With a title like Batman & Robin, you’d expect to see … well, Batman & Robin. But other than a quick nabbing of some gun runners, Tomasi gives the Dynamic Duo a rest this issue in lieu of more time with Bruce and Damian, which, along with the surprisingly resonating paper boat scene from issue #1, further proves this ain’t your daddy’s Batman & Robin. Being not familiar with Bruce’s past attempts at fatherhood, I have to say I’m finding his struggle with defining his role as both father and mentor as interesting as Damian’s attempts at being a son and apprentice … and both could learn a thing or two from dear old Alfred. Tomasi and Gleason are doing a great job of building tension with a fairly disturbing outburst by Damian towards the latter part of the book. But the question everyone’s asking is ‘Who is Nobody?’ And ‘Who is the man behind the mask?’ But rest easy, all is revealed by issue’s end. There is some very nice work in this issue and while satisfying (Gleason’s pencils are slowly growing on me), it is rather light on the action and honestly, that’s what I want from my Batman comics.


Batman & Robin #2, fifth panel, page one.


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