“Death of the Family” is reaching its highpoint, are you reading it?

In the Batman universe, a crossover has been underway for a few months now. The Joker is back, with fresh tricks and an old face (tied-on, to be exact) with the intent on tearing Batman’s crime-fighting family apart, Alfred included. Issue 15 of the ongoing Batman series hits shelves on Wednesday, but that’s not the only issue dealing with the Joker, as far back as issue 13 Catwoman and Batgirl have been involved, and the Suicide Squad’s 14th issue had the signature half Joker cover as well. This month the crossover is really hitting collecter’s pockets by entering seven different ongoing series. Well, I guess you can’t call it “Death the Family” without involving the family, right?

Crossovers like this are not uncommon obviously, Aquaman is a part of one now that is crossing over to the Justice League. Batman is clearly a high seller, so it was well stocked when the crossover began, comic books were pleasantly surprised when Batgirl and Catwoman sold out, and fairly quickly. Issue 13 of both of these ongoing series were difficult to find and picked up a hefty price on online sites and comic shops that managed to hold on to a few. Now with the story underway, it will be interesting to see how well the other minor characters in the dark city of Gotham do.

Along with Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl and the Suicide Squad, December will see the Joker crossover into the Teen Titans, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, and Red Hood and The Outlaws. The New 52 isn’t loved by all comic lovers, but what Scott Snyder has done with Batman is wonderful if you ask me. I like Batman as a detective first, and the story arc prior to this one involving the Court of the Owls was a very gripping read. If you are like me and want to buy all the comics this month but don’t want to spend a ton, here is a tip that will save you money. Buy them on the 26th of December! Every store has sales, and not just stores in the mall. If you are a subscriber to a comic shop, see if they will put the issues aside for you and then just be patient. Think of it as a Christmas present to yourself. No matter what sale the comic shop has going on, every little bit helps. I bought all of my November comics on Black Friday and saved myself a nice amount of money and got a free movie ticket along with my purchase. So will you be reading this months installment of “Death of the Family” in its entirety? What do you think of the series?





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