Retro Pages: Iron Man #55 – Jim Starlin, 1972



This is one of Jim Starlin’s earliest pieces of work, when reading this action packed issue you can see the beginning timeline of one of the comic book greats! Jim Starlin is king of the cosmic heroes and villains and in this issue, enters one of the biggest baddies ever, Thanos! Iron Man #55 is one of my favorite comic book classics, it introduces you to a few of my childhood favorite characters, and in this small list we get Drax the Destroyer, the Blood Brothers, and Thanos, What the hell is Iron Man to do ? Seriously..
The Blood Brothers are hired by Thanos to bring Iron Man to his desert lair, but Iron Man won’t go easy and gives the Blood Brothers a battle they soon won’t forget, in all the commotion, Iron Man is knocked out and brought to Thanos. While in transport, Drax shows up and is soon captured by the Blood Brothers and shackled deep in Thanos desert lair, but suddenly from far and away Mentor sends an energy blast from Titan which is reflected via Iron Man’s Unibeam and destroys Drax’s shackles. With the quickness, Iron Man and Drax open up a can of whoop ass on the Blood Brothers sending them packing, and then attack Thanos, Iron Man gives Thanos a knockout punch cracking open Thanos’ head only to reveal that Thanos is not Thanos but a robot duplicate.

Iron Man #55

Iron Man #55

Having a premonition that Thanos may have set up a trap, Drax tells Iron Man to GTFO! Iron Man flees the scene with Drax not far behind as the base is destroyed, Drax has a feeling that Thanos is still alive and that they will meet up in battle again, Drax then thanks Iron Man for helping the people of Titan.
Over time Thanos has become one of Marvels legendary villains, obsessed and in love with Death, but never able to keep a hold of her or his precious Infinity Gauntlet, maybe someday ?


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