Spike’s Reviews: DC falls short, Indie Books Surge – or do they?



Let’s jump right into some DC titles before we get to the fun stuff shall we…

But first a bit of editorial –

I have noticed a trend that is consistent throughout every new 52 title that bothers me. I feel that I am being short changed a certain amount story that really should be included in these new #1’s. It is bad enough that we are ‘fortunate’ enough to get 18 pages of story and art but then to make it not even a solid cliff hanger is just straight up insulting. Then add to that we must pay 4.99 for poly-bagged versions with absolutely no intrinsic value added other than the cover is slightly different, a la JLA #1; really?! What happened to ‘drawing the line at 2.99’? Obviously this has gone out the window with the exception of those 52 that are simply picking up where their previous final issue left off.

Green Lantern, Legion of Super Heroes et al.

It is just really simple if you want people to pick up your books and keep you in business adhere to the tried and true business model of KISS, no not the band; but rather ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ and I will guarantee that the industry will survive.

If you are looking to save money and regain your grip of the market share rebuild your bull pen and actually have your editors talk to one another.


Now on with the show.


Superman #1

Written by George Perez
Art by Jesus Merino

Well this one begins with the destruction of the venerable old Daily Planet to make way for the new Ted Turner/Rupert Murdock-esque take over. Clark is now an anchorman; Lois is moved up to the front office and becomes Clark’s boss. I can appreciate the task that was given to many of the writers in the New 52 to ‘make it interesting’. Perez does an admirable job given what I see he had to work with, which was very little; and taking that into consideration I liked Superman #1. I did not love it. I know I wanted to have more to say about my reviews of books but I just haven’t the words to be honest.

I am sure that many die hard Superman fans out there will come down on one side of this book either for the good or for the bad; I am going to say that the jury is out on this title for me for the moment, more to come

I can’t give this a full price recommendation, as much as I would like to – instead…

50% Off – Solid Story & Art, but I would need a discount.



Legion of Super Heroes #1

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Francis Portela

Ok, so this is one of those titles that picked up where it left off after the devastation wrought by the Saturn Queen. Francis Portela’s artwork complimented Levitz throughout the issue, that made me happy. It was interesting to see that Levitz went with the decision to have the Legion keep pressing forward while those team members that needed to regain their senses remained out of the action. I am looking forward to seeing how the Legion and Legion Lost will function. I will say this I was not disappointed by LoSH, but rather pleased to see I would not be baffled by what was going on. Let me say this as a long time LoSH fan I gave a sigh of relief when I finished reading it. It was a little bit of a role call issue but I did not feel like I was missing story that I really needed to have in order to enjoy the book.

I give this my Full Price seal of approval, with one caveat – it’s cover price is $2.99, were it $3.99 I would place it in the 50% Off Category – simply because it’s just not worth the extra dollar.



Kult #1

Dark Horse
Written by Jeremy Barlow
Art by Iwan Nazif
Colors by Michael Atiyeh

Wow, I have to say I really enjoyed this spin on the world machine ideal. It was a creepy, and wrenching introduction to the story where apparently there is more than one ultra being, spiritually speaking; in the world.  The organization that saves our hero in the first book is nameless for now, that is something I wanted to know while reading but I am perfectly fine with waiting until next issue.

This book has a touch of Constantine, Hellboy and alternate reality flavor that I have always been a big fan of. The main character Tomas Zenk is a bit typical in what his life is like – divorcee, crappy job, custody issues with his ex but hat is where it ends; rather than being just a man that becomes the hero – he is and has been a ‘god that has forgotten themselves’,  or so the story would imply. I want to see how this shakes out…

I give this my Full Price seal of approval


Atomic Robo
Volume 6, #1 of 5

Red 5 Comics
Written by Clevinger
Art by Wegener
Colors by Pattison
Letters by Powell

In this issue  Atomic Robo is asked to handle a mission for NASA and along the way a few mysteries begin to unfold. I have never read an issue of Atomic Robo before but I have to say that I liked this book. I love science and that they use real science with their science fiction. Atomic Robo is a cool book that deserves a look see. It is well illustrated and the visual storytelling needs no words for the most part; which is the sign of a well scripted book.

I will be picking up Issue #2 and that is of course saying something as anyone who knows me, knows I am very picky about my comic dollars.

I give this book my Full Price Seal of Approval


The Living Corpse: Exhumed #1


Where to start on Living Corpse…hmmmm.

A former Zombie is given a chance at redemption from the powers of Hell to protect us the living from the corrupt and malignant forces that would consumes us all…blah blah blah.

Just – not – feeling – it.

Ok, the script and the visual storytelling brings you up to speed and then you dive right into  it obviously in a place where something previously ended. If this is a reboot from another publisher it is lost on me, as I have no recollection of The Living Corpse in this format or style. I vaguely recall an older book long ago being titled The Living Corpse…sigh. I have nothing to hold me to this title and found it a bit lacking in the attempt to pull me in with its “Elvira Mistress of the Dark” opening sequence.

I did manage to finish reading the book but will not be seeking out Issue #2, as I just have zero interest in connecting to the characters. If the Price point on this book from Dynamite was $1.00 I would highly recommend it, but since it’s 3.99 – I have to say I need the 75% Off category before I will get another copy.



War Goddess #1

Boundless Comics
Mike Wolfer
Pow Rodrix

This book, where oh where to begin, this was just an out and out T&A book from start to finish. You are introduced to the characters in a rushed manner and there is no frame of reference or context to put them in. the next thing you know one of the characters is dressed in Norse armor and they leap into battle as the other one transforms into a female version of marvels tarantula…Oy!…against their possessed friend Molly whom is apparently the vessel of a power demon or something. And there is no explanation worth mentioning as to why she is the way she is.

The art of Pow Rodrix is wasted on this book and I am going to say that it does not quite reach the puppy training pad level; though it is very close. I will not be looking to pick up another copy of War Goddess for any reason.


Wait for this to hit the .50 Cent Bin for sure!


Rating System

Full Price – Enjoyable Read, Great Art I would pay full price

50% Off – Solid Story & Art, but I would need a discount.

75% Off – Good, but I would need to be bribed to read it.

.50 Cent Bin – I would wait for it to hit the .50 cent bin.

Shred it! – I would use it for a puppy training pad


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