Valiant’s Bloodshot Is Coming To A Theater Near You!



So by now, you most likely already heard the news that Valiant Comics is making a comeback, well, then this should be even more mind blowing, Sony Pictures and Valiant have joined forces to bring the fans a Bloodshot movie. I’m hoping this will actually be a good film, I mean how hard is it these days to make a Punisher like character with a red spot on his chest, and give him the Bloodshot storyline? Most likely Hollywood will dilly-dally in plot and give and take on the original comic book story from the 1990s, if you remember or know of the Bloodshot character, Bloodshot is Angelo Mortalli and he is the ultimate killing machine, the government has brainwashed him and setup nanites within his body which make him a peak human being in every way, including a healing factor, plus he’s a killer with no conscience. In the short of it, I see comic shops getting they’re quarter bins ready for new Valiant books, and Wal-Mart making space on the DVD shelves for another straight to DVD movie, or maybe even SyFy Channel at best. Hey! Remember that TV series, Jake 2.0? That almost made it too, but really as of late we have so many comic book movies coming out, when I was a kid I waited for this, with Wizard Magazine always hyping us up on these movies, and most of them just ended up as an ABC Saturday Night Movie, and then in the 90s, remember Generation X and Nick Fury ? Yeah, admit it, you know you watched them, I did, but hey I did much worse, I grew up on stuff like the 1970s Spider-man, Captain America, Hulk and Doctor Strange television series and one shot TV movies, and hell! I waited for Marvel’s Man-Thing movie to hit theaters, I couldn’t believe it when I saw that movie poster in a theater, but then I settled for it on SyFy Channel, and then I actually bought the DVD, I love the Man-Thing character, it’s mindless and it chases fear and then it melts you down with a burning touch from it’s hands. The movie sucked! Do you know the only difference between the SyFy Channel version and the straight to DVD version ? Boobies! We got a booby shot for like a second when a scared female was killed by something in the swamp.
So all, I’m saying is that Bloodshot, in the end could end up being on the same track as the Man-Thing movie, I’m not saying it’s for sure, but the two things pointing it in this direction so far is that it’s coming from the defunct 90s comic book company Valiant, and it’s Bloodshot. You know that somewhere in your comic collection you have about fifty Bloodshot issue #1 foil cover,  lingering about that you just can’t get rid of, oh and I don’t want to see Bloodshot’s boobies.


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