What The Hell Is Marvel Infinite Comics?



I waited a week to find out. Woke up Sunday a.m. and went
here: Marvel @ SXSW: A Digital “ReEvolution” Augments “AvX”
here: Marvel @ SXSW: Waid Takes Nova To Infinite Comics
here: Marvel @SXSW: Quesada Opens The All Digital “Infinite Comics”
and here: Nova by Mark Waid and Stuart Immonen And Augmented Reality Comics Announced At SXSW

And yeah, still with questions…

So it’s gonna be more this: Deviant Art (you click on the arrows; this is the best digital comic to date via the web).

Like anyone else who reads comics and lives on the web, I went on Comics Alliance and then to Multiversity Comics.

After reading all that, I still have no idea what it all means. I don’t a have tablet thingie, nor a mother box, nor smart phone. I have yet to buy or use anything remotely resembling an “app” (calamari or cheese sticks excluded).

So, it’s a free digital comic that I can redeem by using a code that I can get by decoding hieroglyphic legends that supposedly appear in a fire? Oh, wait, there’s more video of it (fuck me–this won’t end… I’ll probably have more questions at the end of this video).

CNET has a video which works but, I need to have a tablet or smart phone to see and access this “free” extra content. This is supposed to make me feel better about spending $4.00 on a 20 page comic book? All I’ve seen is a moving, animated Iron Man that was probably left-over CGI from that shitty movie “Iron Man 2” (I hated the part where he races in Monaco). Can’t anyone just tell me what this is, what I’m getting and if it’s even for me? I love Mark Waid comics… I love Stuart Immonen’s Art. Nova is my all time favorite Marvel character. So, I want in, but can someone tell me where the line starts? I don’t want to buy a tablet or a robo-phone. I just want to read a comic book. Is that so hard?

And…this goes up: That Nova Digital Comic – Avengers Vs. X-Men Infinite #1

Then, Waid tweets, “Now I understand why people are saying what I’m doing is just motion comics. It’s because Bleeding Cool is confused and is misinforming”.

Can this get any more confusing?

Then, Nick Lowe takes to Twitter,
I’ve been working on it with @MarkWaid, @stuartimmonen (with@JoeQuesada, of course) for some months now. IT IS AWESOME! I know people get widgy when people start talking about the digital future of comics, but this is something special. And we certainly didn’t invent this method. Balak inspired us. And@Reilly_Brown has done some really cool stuff. We just really wanted to dive in the deep end of the pool. I’ll answer some Infinite Comics questions before you ask them… It is still comics. There are panels, captions, word balloons and the reader still controls the progress. It’s not animation. One of the things I love most about this method is that, if you want, each panel can be a page turn where you can surprise the reader, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. The preview we showed at SXSW showed this a little, but these are mostly multi-paneled pages. It’s not just storyboards. It’s comics. The cool thing is that it is a blank slate for invention at this point. Balak showed many possibilities in his primer: Balak @stuartimmonen brought new awesome ideas that made me gasp when executed. Digital comics up to this point are mainly adaptations of the print comics, of course. And places like @comiXology do a great job But it’s an adaptation at the end of the day, know what I mean?

(he’s then asked some questions by some of his followers)

“@andrecomics: will they be collected in print later on?”  Don’t know yet for sure. Digital is #1 priority on it, but probably in time.

“@andrecomics: will they be collected in print later on?”  We didn’t want to be hamstrung by developing it for both. We wanted the purity.

“@unlimitedjason I didn’t really get the “Infinite Comics” news? Is it a new line? a new company? What?” It’s a new way of doing comics.

“@ihaveyourshit: can i quote you n your tweets in a rant I’m doing on this subject?” Ranting already? I’d suggest waiting until you read it.

“@ihaveyourshit: my rants about how some folks may be confused over the news and your tweets do add some light. pls o pls..” Sure

Now with all that out of the way, I will say that this is more good news than bad news. I may not know what an app is, but leave it to comics to teach me.



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  1. Gene Hoyle March 14, 2012 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    yeah, a bit confused myself. I HATE motion comics, so if that is it, count me out. If it is anything else, I am there!

  2. Evelsteve March 14, 2012 at 6:26 pm - Reply


  3. Ihaveyourshit March 14, 2012 at 6:28 pm - Reply

    Gene, click on the Balak link. read his “digital” comic off of his Deviant page. its more comic than motion comic. so its that with extras..Extras being like Iron Man in a speedo singing Right Said Freds “im too sexy”. 

  4. Nadernikoupour March 14, 2012 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    Nice Article (and bio)

  5. Noa Jordan Dot.... March 16, 2012 at 2:26 am - Reply

    I guess it’s their way of weaning more people off of paper??

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