Who Are You Calling Gay?


In 1992 Marvel Comics announced that a prominent character in the Marvel Universe is gay, the comic book world awaited to see who it was gonna be, it ended up being Northstar from Alpha Flight, this was sort of a big deal in 1992, but you’d think that by now the world would just know that we live on a planet of diverse people and nations and that everyone has their sexual orientation. No big deal.

So now here we are in 2012 and Marvel will put on their next biggest wedding since the 1987 marriage between Peter Parker and Maryjane Watson, the wedding of Northstar and his fiance Kyle Jinadu, a fellow skier, on June 20th 2012. It took twenty years, but at least the comic community is opening up and broadening their minds to the newer readers, writers and artists. Times seem to be changing for the world of comic books.

For the last few weeks DC Comics Dan Didio has been talking about a long time DC Universe character who is said to be gay, or perhaps coming out of the closet, and so today DC Comics announced the big reveal. Can someone give me a drum roll please? If you haven’t heard yet, it’s long time Green Lantern Alan Scott, really? Actually I was betting on Cyborg or the new Green Lantern from Earth 2 #1, so maybe I was close?

Anyway it’s no big deal, I mean gay is gay. I have read around on the net where people are having a cow about this. First of all, who cares? Second of all, it’s a comic book and you people who are bitching about it don’t have to read it.

Okay, listen, most likely the same people were complaining about Northstar being gay last week, but I bet that most of the complainers could care less about the Northstar character. I have never, ever had a single person tell me that Northstar is his or her favorite Marvel Comics character.

Here’s what I want. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good DC/Marvel crossover, so DC and Marvel if you are listening, you guys need to put on the first double gay wedding. Yes, I said “double gay”, so Dan Didio and Axel Alonso if you’re reading this, you know what you have to do. Seriously, just think about all the hype both companies would get, first you’d have the religious Reich up in arms, and then the rest of the uneducated will follow, and lastly you’ll have the fanboys going crazy for it, plus it’s what both of you like, you know.. Money, money, money, because it’s a known fact that anyone who bitches about something that goes on in comic books will by that comic book. Hey! I’d buy it.

My three favorite Green Lantern’s are Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan and Alan Scott, and I was just thinking that when picking who would be the new gay DC character, which one the DC editors didn’t notice that Guy Gardner is the Green Lantern who wears the over sized, white furry boots? Really I need to know this, so DC editors, leave me a comment. PLEASE!

Also! On a last side note, when was Alan Scott chosen to be the new “gay” character in the DC Universe? Because if I’m not mistaken he was still married to Molly Mayne in 2009 during Blackest Night, maybe Molly was just Alan’s beard all this time or he realized he was gay after Solomon Grundy crushed in her skull by slamming her head first into a cast iron stove. And how about this, Alan Scott’s son Obsidian is gay, is this like a cooties thing? WTF? In any case, like I said in the beginning who cares, I’m still gonna read comics, and occasionally rant about them to you crazy folks.


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2 Comments on "Who Are You Calling Gay?"

  1. Mary Lewys June 2, 2012 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    Making Guy Garner gay would be so against type and so wonderful, I dare not think about it.

    Seriously, I don’t know what the big fuss is about.  Archie Comics beat everyone to the Gay Marriage Parade, and they haven’t changed their art style since the 1950s!

  2. chris keenan June 2, 2012 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    people get so whiny about the orientation of oters. the way i look at it is these comic book companies are doing what some parents dont know how to do, teaching children tolerance!

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