Who Do You Want To See Team-Up With Spidey ?


Check it out! According to Marvel Comics, the new Ultimate Spider-man Kids Show (I never thought I’d be hearing myself say that, or even type it) is the most anticipated kids show to come to television in 2012, as a reader of Marvel Comics, I don’t remember anything “Ultimate” being aimed at kids, but it’s Marvel, who am I to argue with they’re logic ? Well, unless I can give an honorable mention to the six issue “Ultimate Adventures” series, I mean, it had a kid sidekick in it, so maybe it could have been geared toward kids on a minimum, I enjoyed that series, and I’ve never really been one for the “Ultimate” books, I feel that this is where Marvel Comics began to mess up the Marvel Universe, but hey, just like reality shows, it worked, and it’s still here. Bravo Marvel Comics!
Okay, so it’s not like I expected to see the “New Universe” 25 years later either, but over time Marvel has drizzled some of those lame characters back in to the known Marvel Universe, the way I see it is that it’s obvious that since the 2000 release of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, it just keeps going, and going, and it’s not leaving us any time soon, well, maybe if print goes by the wayside, and we as fans end up with $3.99 digital crap to fill up our hard-drives, which has already begun on small scale, but we’ll always have television, and movies,  right ? So onwards to cartoons and animation, so anyway I guess one cool thing about this new series is that apparently Marvel has worked in a “Marvel Team-Up” angle in to it, if you remember this cool series, it was always Spider-man and a sidekick, or a partner, okay, a teammate, but with Spidey as the lead, head honcho of the duo, this I’d be interested in seeing, I mean, really, who would you want to see thrown in as Spider-man’s partner against some cool baddies ? Oh and don’t miss out on the preview issue comic book of Ultimate Spider-man animated kids show which should be out around Free Comic Book Day.


Ultimate Spider-man

Ultimate Spider-man


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2 Comments on "Who Do You Want To See Team-Up With Spidey ?"

  1. Evelsteve February 23, 2012 at 6:00 pm - Reply

    You’re right. Team-ups with Spiderman were pretty damn neat. Too bad Morbius was a villain 🙁 

  2. Jack Graziano February 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    Super Skrull!

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