With One Magic Word, DC Comics Brings Back SHAZAM!


This morning the New York Post revealed to us our first look at the new SHAZAM, which is coming to Justice League #7 as a backup story and which will carry on through the series until I guess DC Comics decides whether or not they want to put the money into a new SHAZAM book. I’m happy they are at least trying this, since SHAZAM is one of those characters who just can’t make it in his own book. The SHAZAM backup stories are written by Geoff Johns, and contain art by Gary Franks, it’s about time DC used the new SHAZAM look which if my memory serves me correctly first showed up at the end of 52, where Billy Batson ended up a combination of the wizard SHAZAM and Captain Marvel, and he called himself The Guardian.

SHAZAM/The guardian


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