“With The Earth Above Us” – Help A Fellow Floridian Publish His Comic Book


Help Lee Milewski publish his comic book by donating to his Kickstarter. Please take the time to read more below and find out all about it.

With The Earth Above Us: a Graphic Novel In The Making
An independent comic creator needs your support to fund an all-ages science fiction story

Raising $4,000 within a 31-day timespan may seem like a burden for most, but for independent creator Lee Milewski, it is simply the beginning of what he anticipates will become a full-fledged career in the world of comics. He begins this journey with his very first creator-owned book, “With The Earth Above Us”, which Milewski refers to as “an all-ages sci-fi adventure, set aboard an interplanetary space station.”
Comics themselves have gone through a resurgence of sorts within the last few years, with much of those efforts drawing from the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.com. It is here that many hopeful artists, writers, and designers lay bare their dreams and project aspirations; along with their plans to fulfill these projects. It is here that Milewski intends to find an audience more in tuned with his indie sensibilities, and strives to reach more than what he refers to as “the mature-only reader.”
“I don’t wish to pander to kids, and I certainly don’t wish to alienate them. I think more and more, creators are sticking with one sided books. That is, too mature for some, and too childish for most. I would like to break that ground and really strike a chord with any fan of good storytelling… Whether you grew up watching 70/80’s sci-fi like me, or you are just starting out within the world of true science fiction, my hope is that you find something interesting and inviting within my book.”
Kickstarter itself has become a sort of tool for the independent comic creator, used to tailor in a wide array of individuals with similar tastes and the hope for independent success. And with your audience so close to the source material, it has the ability to become a much more personal event. “It is within these personal projects” states Milewski, “that comic’s can grow out from their current state of superhero’s and darker tones, to reveal what many have craved from the medium for so long: fun, thrilling, and most importantly, innovative stories.”
Be sure to check on Milewski’s progress into the world of comics, whether from his personal website or his Facebook account. Should you choose to pledge, you can receive a wide selection of great rewards in return, such as T-shirts, original art prints, original pages, etc. Any amount helps, even simply spreading the word.


For further information regarding this Kickstarter campaign, launching Nov. 5th, please get in contact with Lee Milewski at l.milewski@yahoo.com, or check in with my website to see up-to-date news and information regarding the books progress at www.wteau.com


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