Your Local Comic Book Store And What It Means To You

Comics In A Suitcase
Comics In A Suitcase

Comics In A Suitcase

So dear readers, normally I come to you with a scoop on a new movie…or the promise of one. However today I come to you with a question, “What does your local comic book store mean to you?”

I can tell you earnestly, that to me, it doesn’t mean shit. Now that may seem like I’m typing that while wearing a polo shirt whilst date raping a young wasp, but I tell you truthfully that I am one of you. I mouth the lines from Army of Darkness just like you, and perk up every time I hear someone talking about a comic book hero or zombie. However I am not a patron of any peddler of newsprint adventures. I simply do not have the time or money to spend on something like that.

Now to clarify I have been baptized in the waters of geekdom, I was a comic book store clerk. Before that I hung out in the comic book store, I know who Jack Kirby is. However much as an aging Ninja, I have grown rusty in the craft. To be fair though the internet does aide in slowing the process, I find myself still being up to date in areas of the geek universe that I wouldn’t normally care to be.

Now, to the question, “What does your local comic book store mean to you?” Is it a safe haven? From what? A wife? Nagging kids? Parents? Bullies? It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. Especially if you are privileged enough to have experienced a comic shop like the one I worked in.

People would filter in and out, some familiar, some strangers, all gawked at atleast one or two things in amazement, or in nostalgic bewilderment. There were microwavable treats of the meat and cake variety for a price, and lord help you if you wanted to change the channel on the one flickering television precariously perched amongst Warhammer figures.

Of course there were some that were odder than others…..but in the land of the crazy, the schizophrenic are accepted. Search your soul and retreive that memory, now, if the business is still there go to it. Grab your Magic deck, or your Yu-gi-oh! cards and be a part of something special, do not continue to play skyrim.

For god’s sake, go spend some money in a local comic store before it’s too late and we’re all talking about these stores in past tense.


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Born in the waste lands of central Florida and raised in a Post Dark Knight Returns but Pre Dark Knight Strikes again America, Russ Wiggins wasted his youth with horror movies, comics and pornography. He is a full time zombie, comic strip, science fiction enthusiast who wears a white collar disguise to keep "the man" and bill collectors at bay. In his off time he writes for Florida Geek Scene (even though he now lives in New Jersey) and works on various projects including but not limited to a Graphic Novel Opus called "Steve of your imagination" and an ongoing web comic strip called "The Dreggs." Russ met the moderator of Florida Geek scene Scott Schlazer when he was still a teenage punk coming into Scott's comic book shop "Planet X" on Friday nights to make fun of the freaks and ne'er do wells that frequented the store.

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