Chewbacca Mom And Family Get Tuiton-Free Scholarships At Florida College

Chewbacca Mom Star Wars

The Chewbacca Mom frenzy has been abuzz for a time on the Internet. Now it’s Candace Payne her family’s time to shine at a Florida college. The Southeastern University president Kent Ingle offered a full-ride scholarship to Payne and her family, according to USA Today. She had been visiting the college at the time. Her state of residence is in Texas.

Considering the Chewbacca Mom brought happiness to those who viewed her jovial and infectious laugh, Ingle had this to say:

“Candace has inspired us and others with her joy, and we want her and her family to experience some of that same joy through this gift.”

Payne already has ties with the vice president of strategic partnership, Justin Lathrop. He founded and previously led the Red Oak, Texas church. The same church Candace attends.

Payne expressed her enthusiasm for this amazing opportunity.

“This is such an amazing gift for our family, I’m blown away! I mean, my kids’ college is paid for!”

There was a video presentation with Payne going on a ride-a-along with Scorch the SEU mascot. He was a man of little words leaving the Chewbacca Mom with a one-sided, awkward conversation. Of course, it was all in jest until the university president announced her opportunity for full-paid scholarships for her and her family.



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