Halloween Cosplay Night Extravaganza!

Join Arcade Odyssey for a night of spooky fun as we celebrate Halloween the only way we know how. We will be hosting a series of events throughout the night so make sure to tell all your friends and family!

As usual, anyone attending in costume will receive $2 in tokens, this includes scary costumes AND cosplayers! Prizes will be given to people with the best costumes. This time, however, if you want a prize, you better work!

Costume Contest:

Be ready to strut down the catwalk and pose for our costume judges. We are going to give prizes to the best costumes in the following categories:

1. Scariest Costume – awarded to whomever provides the most terrifying nightmare fuel to our judges.
2. Best Overall Costume – Will be given to the person who meets all the criteria for a great Halloween costume.
3. Best in Show – awarded to whomever’s performance on the catwalk is most impressive.
4. Judge’s Pick – awarded to the coolest costume that doesn’t fit the above categories but is still awesome.

*The show will start at 9 PM*
We’ll gather contestants a few minutes before then and take them to the runway.
All costumes will be accepted, specific cosplay is not necessary. This is a Halloween show. Just remember to keep it PG-13!
Winners will get cool assortments of candies, Halloween DVDs and music, and other Halloween-related swag!

Challenge Accepted + Twitch Stream

We will be streaming live on Twitch as we play some of the scariest games of the year. So watch as we cry and beg for sweet salvation.

We will also be recording an episode of our web show Challenge Accepted after the Costume Contest so stick around afterwards for some gruesome challenges.

Eye of the Beholder – Candy Jar Game

Can you guess how much candy is in the jar?
We’ll put out a jar full of delicious candy. Whoever guesses closest to the amount of candy in the jar first gets to take it home!

The winner will be announced directly after the costume runway contest.

Bobbin for Apples

We will also be doing a small bobbing for apples mini-game in-between events. This will have a nice little Halloween twist. Are you up to the challenge or does it send shivers down your spine?

Spooky Arcade Games

We will be selecting some of the great horror classics to be placed in the arcade for the night of the event. Be prepared!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014


Arcade Odyssey, 12045 SW 117th Ave, Miami



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