Help Robin Get New Wings

Please help raise funds for Robin, a very special young woman with cerebral palsy, to get her the wheelchair she so desperately needs!

My name is Lisa, and Robin is my little sister. She’s 20, and has cerebral palsy. She’s been confined to a wheelchair her entire life. Due to some rather tragic circumstances, she’s spent a good deal of her adolescence in numerous foster placements, and the past few years has resided in a nursing home. Even though our family has always done our best to stay close, Robin hasn’t really had much of a chance to know much in the way of stability and security. Despite the unfair cards life has dealt her, my sister is a hero to me, and a sheer inspiration. She always has a smile on her face, a sparkle in her eye, and everyone who meets her describes her as perky and cheerful, with a contagious zest for life. My sister Robin is an exceptionally charasmatic young woman with a generous soul and wonderful potential. She still dreams big, and maintains an enthusiastic outlook. Even with everything she has been through, her bubbly spirit motivates us to not give up like others have.
In her current placement, our family has been doing all we can within our power to make sure her needs are met. However, there’s a very important one that is not. Her wheelchair, needed for her to get around, is older, in need of repair and manual only. For her to do the things she wants, like get a job, hang with friends, taking care of herself, getting to therapy, shopping, & more, a power wheelchair would be much better.
Thus, I got together with our family, and we started “Team Robin”.
With all your help we should be able to raise the funding needed to get Robin the power wheelchair that she deserves. 

What We Need & What You Get

This powerchair, called the Tek Robotic Mobilization Device, is something we came across recently, and Robin desperately needs something like this! She has been in outdated and rickety manual wheelchairs that hinder her health. With what she has been through, she’s been denied so much… she deserves something like this so she can build up her strength and become more self-sufficient and independent. Even if we cannot raise enough to fund this miracle, we are researching power-standing wheelchairs (Standing Wheelchair link) that would be beneficial for her. Not only for her independence and self-sufficiency, but her overall health, and her physical therapy progress.
The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device costs about $15,000, as you read in the article. We know that sounds intimidating. We hope that maybe insurance will cover part of it, and in our research, we will discover ways to bring that price down. We’re working on that. But that is the ideal goal we’d like for Robin. If that’s not able to be achieved, we’re still hopeful for a power standing wheelchair that will meet her needs for at least $6,000. That would be the lowest end of the spectrum to improve her quality of life that she so richly deserves.
If we do not reach the goal needed for the wheelchair we hope for her to have, we will use the funds for an upgraded wheelchair that is still conducive for her health and medical needs. If we don’t get enough funds for a proper wheelchair? Or if we have any funds left over after we acquire a proficient wheelchair? We’d use the excess to buy her a plane ticket to visit her family in Florida and possibly bring her to Universal (she’s a big Harry Potter fan).
We’re also working on perks and incentives. We have bracelets that Robin will be making herself, along with t-shirts, as well as all sorts of personal goodies as a thank you for supporting our Robin!

The Impact

I’ve watched my little sister struggle for so long, and when we started researching what we could do about her wheelchair, it was realized that a power mobility device will allow her to have a signficantly greater degree of independence and self-sufficiency. This means she’ll have greater career options. She’ll be able to get out and have a greater social life. This means so many of the things that have held her back before will be out of her way. Doors will be opened that were not before. With a modern wheelchair, she will have options that were not available prior to now.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help! We’d love for this campaign to go viral. The more people that see this, the more likely we can reach people who can help, and the more likely this dream can be realized for Robin!
So please, whether you can or cannot donate, get the word out and make some noise about Robin’s cause. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, YouTube, e-mail, embed it in your website, put it on your blog, smoke signals, however! Thank you!

If helping a young girl in need isn’t enough, there’s some awesome perks including shirts, artwork & jewelry. There’s also a raffle that will include prizes like lithographs, web design package, a Brightest Day/Blackest Night lantern, tickets to Legoland, a Spooky Empire package and more.


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