New Fan Film Ghostbusters: Dead Of Night

If you’ve ever happened into a comic convention you most likely will have seen at least one person walking around in a tan flight suit with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on their back. As we breach the edges of adulthood for those who remember the eighties the nostalgia factor is no doubt alive and well. The Ghostbuster franchise seems to be enjoying this almost as much as the Transformers.

Peeking into the fan community you’ll find a complex network of state and city “franchises” that lend themselves to both fanfilms as well as charitable events. Much like Batman, Star Trek and Star Wars, fans have created their own extended universe based off the original two films.
The fan films stories usually surround a group of individuals wearing exact replicas of the costumes worn in the films as well as props that are built to specifications to be what’s called “movie accurate.”

Now that you know the details behind the Ghostbusters fan films, we’ll relate news regarding the newest addition.

The film is based in New Jersey and follows the escapades of a young recruit and his trainer as they experience an average day in the life of a Ghostbuster. There are several important differences when comparing this film to others in it’s class.

First, the mystique and allure of being a ghostbuster is diluted from the trainer’s ho-hum approach to training the young recruit. The vibe this gives the audience is more akin to watching someone being trained to be a Domino’s pizza driver, than a paranormal investigator.

The costumes have also taken a serious twist to give the impression of a blue collar working man. Beyond this there is a serious implication of the golden age of physical effects as aside from the necessary after effects created proton streams, the director has promised a ban on CGI ghosts to add a heart warming tip of the hat to the original franchise.

All in all this looks to be an interesting side street for the Ghostbusters universe, as the writer of the screenplay put it “Working in this franchise wouldn’t be any different than working at a KFC, the pay sucks, and you wish you didn’t have to wear the dorky uniform.”

Stay tuned for more clips and information as it becomes available.



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