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By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, August 29, 2013 1 Movie News

    Okay.. So it looks like their is lot’s of Avengers 2 news out and about today. Here is the latest from Variety since what I had posted much earlier today. James Spader to play Ultron in the Avengers… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, August 29, 2013 2 Movie News

  So according to sources at Unleash The Fanboy. JARVIS is in fact Ultron in the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Both Disney and Marvel have said that A2 won’t star Hank Pym, and so it looks like the creator… Read More »

By Pablo Perez, August 29, 2013 0 Technology

    Nintendo has announced “the newest member of the 3DS family,” the 2DS. Nintendo’s new handheld will release along side Pokemon X and Y for $129.99. The 2DS has the same specs as the 3DS, except for a few… Read More »

By Pablo Perez, August 29, 2013 0 Technology

    Is Microsofts new console, the Xbox One, releasing on November 8, 2013? According to games media Kotaku specially their Australia division, a source that works for a marketing firm that handles signage and product placement for megastore Wal-mart,… Read More »

By Pablo Perez, August 29, 2013 0 Convention Report

    Gamescom in Cologne, Germany has just ended and a ton of news has come out of that massive convention: of which I might add has seen it’s highest numbers hitting over 340,000 attendees. What we’ve got here is… Read More »

By Peter Schmeiser, August 28, 2013 0

Issue #1 of Overtaken by Aspen Comics sets a scene of domestic bliss that is shattered by an alien abduction

By Mark Viola, August 28, 2013 0

Infinity: Against the Tide Infinite #1 Jason Latour, Augustin Alessio Marvel Comics 2013 You guys asked for it (Editors Note:… Read More »

By Randall Austin, August 28, 2013 0

Join KISS KIDS on their crazy fun adventures!!!

By Randall Austin, August 28, 2013 0

It’s only been seventy-two hours since he appeared in the present, but three people have already tried to kill Captain Midnight! When faced with an FBI agent tasked with his capture, a fanboy pilot who knows his history, and the badass granddaughter of his lost love, the time-traveling hero must decide if he can trust these unlikely allies as he attempts to take on one of his oldest enemies!

By Zackery Cote, August 28, 2013 0

Old Cuban Samurai #1: Limited Edition Andres R. Prieto, Ralph Montes Digital Hand Studios 2013 If the title of this… Read More »

By Randall Austin, August 28, 2013 0

Urdnot Wrex—one of the most dangerous mercenaries in the galaxy—crosses paths with a mysterious secret agent in this explosive adventure!

By Mark Viola, August 28, 2013 1

Survivorman: Horn of Providence #1 Stroud, McGowan, Lucey, Mullin Blue Water Comics 2013  Another comic-book Wednesday, another edition of the… Read More »

By geekadmin, August 27, 2013 0 New Releases

AAZURN PUBLISHING Envy (One Shot), $2.49 AMIGO COMICS Arcane Secrets #1 (Of 3), $3.99 ANTARCTIC PRESS Gold Digger Gina Vs Penny (One Shot), $3.99 Last Zombie The End #4 (Of 5), $3.99 Last Zombie Volume 4 Before The After TP,… Read More »

By Nerdstravaganza, August 26, 2013 0 Podcast

    Continuing to expand our social circle, we sit down with Raine from fellow gaming site Initiative : Tabletop as he tells us about his recent trip to everyone’s favorite gaming convention Gen Con. Raine talks all about how… Read More »

By Real Queen of Horror, August 26, 2013 0

Dog Soldiers Hyperion Productions Directed by Neil Marshall Written by Neil Marshall Starring Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd and Liam Cunningham… Read More »