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Big Names Turn Cybertron “Dark” Renowned Artist Phil Jimenez Brings His Talents To Transformers! Darkness falls on the AUTOBOTS this November in the comic book event Transformers: Dark Cybertron! This series pushes the TRANSFORMERS characters to their limits, but they’ll… Read More »

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Rotten Records Dax Riggs – vocals, guitar Mike Sanchez – guitar Alex Bergeron – bass Chuck Pitre – keyboards Jeff… Read More »

By Randall Austin, August 21, 2013 0

Before Bloodshot begins an all-new mission in Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #14, discover the definitive origin of the man behind the machine right here in Bloodshot #0.

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Logan’s Run: Last Day #0 William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson Blue Water Comics 2013 Hey, friends and fans. Back… Read More »

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  Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #1 Written by: Joshua Henaman Art by: Andy Taylor Colors by: Thomas Bonvillian Cover… Read More »

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Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #2 Dark Horse Comics 2013 Mike Mignola John Arcudi Sebastian Fiumara Dave Stewart  … Read More »

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The Strain: The Fall #2 Dark Horse Comics 2013 Guillermo Del Toro Chuck Hogan David Lapham Mike Huddleston Dan Jackson… Read More »

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ZOE: Out of Time #2 Created & Written By: J. Michalski & Alexander Lagos Art By: Derlis Santacruz Colors By:… Read More »

By IHAVEYOURSHIT, August 21, 2013 1

Infinity #1 (of 6) Writer: Jonathan Hickman. Penciler: Jim Cheung. Inker’s: Mark Morales, John Livesay, David Meikis, and Jim Cheung…. Read More »

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ABSTRACT STUDIOS Strangers In Paradise Omnibus SC (Previews Exclusive Edition), $100.00 ALTERNATIVE COMICS Outliers #1, $5.00 ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS Betty And Veronica #267 (Dan Parent Regular Cover), $2.99 Betty And Veronica #267 (Fiona Staples Variant Cover), $2.99 Sonic Super Digest… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, August 20, 2013 0 Movie Trailers

  After being cleared in an internal investigation, FBI Special Agent Nicole Diaz is reinstated and sent back home to the town of Oro Negro to help solve the bizarre murders of two agents. She’s met with disdain by the… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, August 20, 2013 0 Movie Trailers

    In the wake of losing her baby, lonely Kate Faulkner has become dangerously obsessed with the occult, much to the horror of her only sister, Bec. One night, Bec and her boyfriend, Thom, visit Kate in order to… Read More »

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    Here is a small preview of the first six pages Zombie Tramp Vol. 2 Issue #1 from Action Lab/Danger Zone Comics.

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A posse of crooked cops, malevolent gangsters and a horde of walking dead are the centre point of this gruesome,… Read More »

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By Geek Film Critic, August 18, 2013 1 Samurai Sunday

Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky Tai Seng Video 1991 A young man with superhuman strength is incarcerated at a prison run by corrupt officials and seeks to use his martial arts to clean up the system.  

By Sektor 7 G, August 18, 2013 1

Hey guys! Here is my review of the Rat King action figure from the second wave of Nick TMNT toy!… Read More »