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By Brian Downes, June 3, 2015 0

Zombie Tramp vs. Vampblade #1 (W)Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza, (A/CA)Winston Young ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE 2015 Zombie Tramp vs…. Read More »

By Bryce Osceola, June 3, 2015 0

Indestructible Stingray #1 Jeff Marsick, Luca Reguzzoni, Zac Atkinson IDW Publishing 2015 Stingray is an action packed issue surrounding Kelly, a.k.a… Read More »

By Casey Covel, June 3, 2015 0

A conscientious business that lauds fandom in one hand and tea in the other. Definitely recommended.

By geekadmin, June 2, 2015 0 Convention News

Artist Tyler Kirkham will be in attendance at the Orlando Toy & Comic Con on Saturday June 6th 2015. Tyler Kirkham is most notably known for his work for Top Cow and DC Comics, some of his titles include Earth… Read More »

By Scott, June 1, 2015 0

Moe – The Three Stooges, Three Little Beers Figures Toy Company 2015 Growing up in the 1970s I got to… Read More »

By The Reasons I'm Broke, May 31, 2015 0 Podcast

Bringing you the reasons we’re broke on our weekly podcast! Comics, Movies, TV, Video Games and more! The Reasons I’m Broke #140 – Omni Expo 2015 In #140, we cover Podcasting 101 as recorded from our Nerd Up Media panel… Read More »

By Mike Favata, May 31, 2015 0

Subscription Box ZBOX Theme “The Monthly Geeky Gift Box” Price £19.99 ($32.98) Shipping FREE (UK) | International shipping varies on location From UK-retailer Zavvi… Read More »

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Servants of the Mist Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation 2015 Servants of the Mist is a doom metal band out… Read More »

By Sutter Cane, May 30, 2015 0

Kung Fury (released for free on YouTube) is sublime, truly, truly sublime. For 31 minutes, writer, director and star David… Read More »

By geekadmin, May 30, 2015 0 Convention News

Chad Thomas is a freelance cartoonist working out of the greater Dallas area with his incredible wife, Jil(one L!). Chad began drawing at the early age of 3 by obsessively watching old Disney cartoons. Everything changed when the world of… Read More »

By geekadmin, May 29, 2015 0 Conventions

Welcome to the Hero Hype Con! What is Hero Hype Con? The Hero Hype Convention is an all new style and type of event featuring gaming, comics, anime, manga, collectibles, vendors and more. How long has Hero Hype Con been… Read More »

By geekadmin, May 29, 2015 0 Events

Exclusive One-Night-Only Screening of Evil Dead 2. For it’s second PALM BEACH COUNTY GRINDHOUSE event, MORBID MOVIES will be hosting a special one-time screening of EVIL DEAD 2 at MOVIES OF LAKE WORTH on FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH at 9:30PM. The… Read More »

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Subscription Box Fantasy Crate Monthly Draft Crate Theme “A Monthly Crate For Magic Players” Price $24.95 Shipping $5 (US) Fantasy Crate… Read More »

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Subscription Box Bojerky Theme “The Best Jerky Subscription Ever” Price $30 1 Month | $150 6 Months Shipping FREE From the folks… Read More »

By Mike Favata, May 29, 2015 0

Subscription Box Fantasy Crate Monthly Magic Crate Theme “A Monthly Crate For Magic Players” Price $24.95 Shipping $6 (US) Fantasy Crate is… Read More »

By Casey Covel, May 28, 2015 0 Convention Report

If Cons were kids, one might say that OMNI Expo is a boisterous, excited two-year-old. Running from May 22nd-24th, this ambitious Con set out to make unforgettable memories for its fans. According to those fans, OMNI succeeded: “I had an… Read More »

By geekadmin, May 28, 2015 0 Events

MOSHI MOSHI PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS… The Largest Zombie Party In Central Florida!!! The Walker Stalker Convention Attendees After Party Sponsored by Walker Stalker Con Necrosis (Lab of the Dead) Saturday June 27th, 2015 CLUB 39 & Pool @ THE ROSEN PLAZA… Read More »