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Today I went to Best Buy with the single purpose of trying out the Playstation VR. Playstation is holding VR demos across the country at Best Buy and Gamestop for the next two weekends. This was my first VR experience after not trying the Oculus at Orlandoix last year. It was totally worth the drive.

I live in Clermont and the closest demo to me is the Best Buy on OBT so 31 miles isn’t to bad. It was a nice set up in their tv lounge section. You sit down, put the goggles on put the headphones on and you’re ready. It wasn’t crowded so I got to try 2 demos.

The headset extends for you to put it on and the goggles fit over glasses (I wear glasses). The goggles didn’t feel loose and I was looking around a lot and they didn’t slip at all.

The first was EVE: Valkyrie a semi on rails space dog fight game. I was terrible at it. You’re in the cockpit of a space fighter and your job is to escort the big ships and you get attacked so I have to shoot down the enemies. You’re constantly moving forward but you can steer the ship to shoot enemies. Because it’s in VR you can look around and you feel like you’re inside the cockpit but if you look all the way around you can see your characters headless body which is kinda weird. The demo wasn’t that well tutorialized so I don’t know if I was able to fly any faster or if I was stuck going at one speed.

While I was playing 2 other people showed up so after the demo I got up and got back in line. The lady played the PS VR Worlds demo and was submerged underwater in a shark cage that gets slowly ripped apart. After that her partner played EVE: Valkyrie and was way better at it than me.

After them it was my turn again and I play Battlezone this time which is a tank game set in Tron and I love Tron so much and I loved this game so much. It’s sort of like EVE but you have full control over your tanks movements. Think of the tank in Arkham Knight but in first person and set in Tron and you basically get this game. This one was also much better tutorialized and I understood what I was doing much better. Just drive around looking for other tanks to shoot then more armored tanks appear then towers and birds and the objective is to survive long enough for your EMP to charge and take everything out.

All in all this demo got me excited for PS VR and I’m looking forward to it’s launch in October. I’ve been excited for VR for awhile and this seems like a fairly cheap high end alternative seeing as I already have the PS4.

You can find a demo station close to you here

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